Errl Hill Live Resin Review – Solid, Smooth and Tasty


Today we will take a deep dive into the multi-award-winning Errl Hill, which provides small-batch artisanally crafted live resin concentrates at a reasonable price. This family-owned brand is most recently known for its collaborations with Jerome Baker Designs. This is the first time I’ve heard of a cannabis concentrate brand working with a glassblower company, which piqued my interest. Most recently, Errl Hill has also won third place in liquid BHO for their Blueberry Muffins live resin at The Emerald Cup in 2019. For this review, I’ll sample a few of their live resin concentrates.

You can also check out our Errl Hill Live Resin video review.


  • Excellent quality
  • Above-average potency/effects
  • Solid flavor
  • Very smooth
  • Lower price than most other brands


  • Potency could be slightly improved

Recommendations: Some of their live resin could be slightly more potent, particularly Muffinz.

Lab Tests: Errl Hill Flo OG Errl Hill Muffinz Errl Hill Sherbet


The overall color and consistency of Errl Hill live resin looks similar to Raw Garden

This week, I picked up a few different strains of Errl Hill live resin from Fire Mountain Farms. The colorful packaging of its boxes with its logo evokes a summer island vacation, which extends to its artwork on the on the jars themselves. The overall appearance and texture of this live resin remind me of live resin from

Raw Garden. Similar to Raw Garden, it has a flat and saucy consistency with micro diamonds that can be seen just underneath its surface.

The color and consistency of Muffinz and Flo OG looks and feels better than Dimebag, Highland Oil Co., and Headstash

First, I tried their Muffinz live resin, which is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Blueberry Muffins and Zkittlez. The aroma and flavor of Muffinz are sweet, fruity, and spicy with creamy notes of berries, vanilla, and earth. The effects of Muffinz felt calm, focused, and mellow yet not too sedative, which made it ideal for late afternoons and early evenings. The slightly Indica dominant effects of Muffinz also made it ideal for decompressing and relaxing after work. The color and consistency of both Muffinz and Flo OG look and feels better than other similarly-priced concentrates from Dimebag, Highland Oil Co, and Headstash. The THC % of Muffinz is 67.023%, the CBD % is 0.136% and the total cannabinoid % is 70.192%.

The color and consistency of Flo OG looks and feels very similar to Muffinz

Next, Flo OG is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between DJ Short’s Flo and Rare Dankness #1. The aroma and flavor of Flo OG are minty, piney, and floral with sharp notes of citrus, earth, and diesel. The effects of Flo OG felt more calming, relaxing, and sedative. So it felt best suited for late evenings and after dinner. The mostly Indica dominant effects of Flo OG were also perfect for any sleeping issues during the night. The overall color and consistency of Flo OG look and feels very similar to Muffinz, also similar to Raw Garden. The THC % of Flo OG is 69.67%, the CBD % is 0.113% and the total cannabinoid % is 73.31%.

While Muffinz and Flo OG are both lighter in color, Sherbet looks much darker in color

Finally, Sherbet is an Indica dominant hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The aroma and flavor are sweet, spicy, and skunky with pungent notes of citrus, berries, and earth. The effects of Sherbet felt more balanced between a euphoric head high and a relaxing body high. The balanced effects of Sherbet also felt great for any time of the day. Overall, the potency of the Sherbet live resin felt the strongest of the three strains I picked up this month. The THC % of Sherbet is 70.37%, the CBD % is 0.156% and the total cannabinoid % is 74.58%.

While Muffinz and Flo OG were some of the tastiest live resin, Sherbet tasted slightly harsher than the others

The retail price for Errl Hill live resin is usually around $25 for a gram, pre-tax. In my opinion, both the Muffinz and Flo OG felt like some of the best-tasting live resin that I’ve had recently. However, the flavor of Sherbet tastes slightly harsher than the others, even though the manufacturing date of Sherbet is similar to Flo OG. Although the flavor for Errl Hill Muffinz and Flo OG was excellent, the overall potency could be slightly improved. While the manufacturing date for Muffinz was fairly recent, both Flo OG and Sherbet were a bit older, dating back to February earlier this year.

While I would recommend Muffinz for the best flavor, I would recommend Flo OG for its sedative effects and Sherbet for its potency

In short, Errl Hill live resin is highly recommended for its excellent quality, above-average potency, and solid flavor at a lower price than most other brands. Overall, most of the Errl Hill live resin is almost or just as tasty and potent as other similarly priced live resin, such as Raw Garden, Dime Bag, and Headstash. Furthermore, the consistency for Errl Hill live resin worked especially well with nectar collectors, wax pens, and portable E-Rigs. Errl Hill currently only offers live resin sauces and shatter in select dispensaries and delivery services throughout California. Additionally, Errl Hill can also be purchased through Flower Company in participating locations throughout California here.

Have you tried Errl Hill live resin? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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