Kingpen Royale Live Resin Cartridge Review – Delicious and Potent


This week, we will sample the Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges from Ember Valley. Over the recent years, the oft-reliable Kingpen has been plagued with counterfeit black market copies and failed pesticide tests. But with surprising tenacity, they have recently teamed up with Ember Valley and recently undergone a soft rebrand that includes their new live resin cartridges. Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges are now available in half and full grams in select dispensaries throughout California. For our review today, I will try the new Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges from Ember Valley.


  • Excellent quality
  • Strong potency
  • Solid effects
  • Delicious taste
  • Decent price


  • None

Recommendations: None

License information: CDPH-10002329

The new Kingpen Royale has an updated look

The new updated packaging for their Royale live resin cartridges is far classier and more elegant than their previous versions. Now, their cartridges are packaged in black square-sized steel tin cases. When opening the case, the

cartridge comes inside a black recycled plastic tube with its name printed in gold embossed letters. Previously the logo design and lettering for their distillate cartridges were printed in plain white. The design and lettering for their Royale cartridges are embossed in gold. Their original Kingpen logo artwork is replaced with the Royale name logo for these live resin cartridges.

Oil looks similar to Surplus, not quite as dark as other live resin cartridges

The design and quality for their new live resin CCELL cartridges is a true step up from their older cartridge models. They have much better airflow and efficient performance. I had little to no issues throughout most of this live resin cartridge. The color of the oil is somewhat lighter than usual, similar to the Surplus purified live resin cartridge I tried this month. On the other hand, it wasn’t quite as dark as the

Ammo Brand live resin cartridges, the Connected live resin disposables, and the Dab Logic solventless vape cartridge.

Tasted better and much smoother than Surplus Cartridge Co, Permanent Holiday and Ammo Brand

This month, I picked up a full gram Kush Cake live resin cartridge from Kingpen Royale. Kush Cake, also known as Double Kush Cake, is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. The gassy taste of this Kush Cake cartridge is sweet, earthy, and nutty with subtle hints of lemon, vanilla, and cherries. This live resin cartridge tasted better and much smoother than the live resin cartridges from Surplus Cartridge Co, Permanent Holiday, and Ammo Brand.

Effects felt slightly weaker than Alpine, Buddies, Heavy Hitters, Connected disposables

The initial effects of Kush Cake felt cerebrally uplifting and euphoric. Then it was followed with deeply relaxing effects that are felt throughout the body. So the effects would be best enjoyed towards the latter half of the day. Or it would also be well-suited as a way to decompress after work during evenings. The effects felt slightly weaker than the live resin cartridges from

Alpine, Buddies, Heavy Hitters as well as the Connected disposables. On the other hand, this live resin also felt stronger than Surplus Cartridge Co., Ammo Brand, and Timeless Noir.
Kingpen live resin bottom of the cart

Felt stronger than Surplus Cartridge Co., Ammo Brand, and Timeless Noir

The retail price for Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges is roughly around $50-60 for a full gram. In my opinion, this Kush Cake live resin cartridge was one of the stronger and tastier recent ones I’ve tried since the ceramic live resin cartridges from Alpine Vapor. Kingpen has significantly improved its brand by collaborating with Ember Valley for their latest live resin cartridges and prerolls.

The new Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges are highly recommended, especially their collaborations with Ember Valley

In conclusion, the new live resin cartridges from Kingpen Royale are highly recommended for their excellent quality, strong potency, and delicious taste. Specifically, I would recommend checking out their recent collaborations with Ember Valley. Overall, I would rank this one next to the sauce cartridges from Pacific Stone, Friendly Farms, and Legion Of Bloom. Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges, original distillate cartridges, and infused pre-rolls can be found in select dispensaries throughout California through their store locator here.

Have you tried the new Kingpen Royale live resin cartridges? Let us know what you think in the comments or on our forum.

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