D8GAS Fire Edibles Review – Top-shelf Gummies

I was expecting a vape from D8GAS so I was a bit disappointed when a package of gummies showed up. I’m not a big fan of edibles. First of all, it’s hard to just eat the recommended dose because they usually taste like candy. As a former sugar addict, I don’t really want to trigger that. I like to smoke. I like the act of smoking and the relief for my oral fixation.
Secondly, I generally can’t tell whether I have a buzz or not with edibles because of the time it takes to digest and enter the blood system is so long. I usually feel nothing or get sick. However, gummies are what I got, so I dove in.

Hard to open

I had trouble getting into the packaging, so I just ripped into it. That’s probably a me thing so no shade to D8Gas for the packaging. I received The Fire Hemp Lava Blend Sour Apple Gummies 1000mg/2.0 and Fire Magic Amanita Muscaria Rainbow Gummies 3000mg.

Tasty all the way

I tried the Sour Apple Delta 8 gummies first. Whoa. Nice flavor – very mild, not too candy or synthetic flavor tasting. But the texture blew me away! I can only describe it like whipped cream. It was just delightfully melting in my mouth. I honestly was happily surprised. So delicious I had another.
Then I tried the Rainbow Amanita Muscaria. It had a really nice flavor and that same creamy texture. It was hard to keep from grabbing another one of those. I went about my day working on projects and waiting to see if I got a buzz. Boy did I get a buzz. It was quite subtle at first and then profound. I was concerned that I had taken too much and soon would be nauseous and unpleasantly high. But it turned out to be a lovely high, which eventually ended in a nap that I needed in the midst of a stressful week I couldn’t shut down through. I woke up a few hours later feeling fabulous.

Concluding this review

So you sold me D8GAS. The gummies are a 10. Am I going to switch to gummies now? No. But you wowed a customer who really doesn’t care that much for gummies. Even though I prefer to smoke my buzz, these gummies were top-shelf. I can recommend them with a clear conscience. Two thumbs up!

You can find out more about their products here.

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I am a published author, harpist, natural health coach and human on a path to health and happiness. I saved my life with natural foods and have been getting educated about health living products for 30 years. Just a gal with some experience and expertise. I try products and comment on them. I don't claim to be a CBD expert. But all cannabis/hemp-based products interest me.

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