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Today we come to our third in the three-part Boundless vape reviews – or “aromatherapy devices,” as Boundless’ own documentation mentions. The Boundless Tera is a larger unit which is not only for vaping dry herb, but extracts as well via a little banger pad provided.

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  • Solid build
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Great airflow
  • Thick, puffy clouds on every hit
  • Fully set temperature control
  • Fast heat-up
  • Concentrate and extract “dabbing” option
  • Timed sleep mode


  • Bit pricey on the dry herb vape scale
  • Bulkier than the average pocket unit

Recommendations: None

A Fistful of Boundless Vaping!

Be very sure, the Boundless Tera is good for a nice long session! The bucket is a generous 0.6 grams capacity, the airflow is marvelous, the mouthpiece is wide, and the unit is powerful in heating herb to a toasty, flavorful perfection. I can easily get a half-hour of blissful vaping on the Tera, which never fails to satisfy. While the unit is not very discreet, it is perfect for armchair vaping at home.

The option for vaping concentrates via the drop-in pad is a bonus feature. If you are a hardcore dabber, you will want a full eRig or glass and torch. But if you mainly vape dry herb and only occasionally use concentrate, the Boundless Tera is aimed right at you.


From Box to Vape:

Remove the front battery cover and install the 2 batteries, positive side up. Plug in the charger cord and charge to full, if needed. I’d recommend a “test run” to heat the unit for the first time without material in it, to burn off manufacturing impurities. Then load the chamber with your herb, apply the mouthpiece, hit the power button 5x to turn on. The 2 side buttons increment or decrement the temperature setting, and can read out in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperature range is 104ºF to 428ºF. Press and hold the power button to begin heating the unit; vape at desired temperature.

Full instructions are included in a complete manual in 3 languages, as well as documenting diagrams on the box, so you should have no trouble.


Full Vape Clouds, Great Taste

After my experience with other Boundless products, I have come to expect a quality build and the Tera is no exception. It heats up quickly and consistently, bringing through the full flavor and effects of your herb. Huffing and puffing away, I have enjoyed a couple sessions lasting half an hour, with satisfying hits from beginning to end.


The Boundless Tera is a Good Option For a Niche User Base

As I point out, if you are just in the market for a typical pocket-sized dry herb vape, Boundless itself offers the Vexil, more suited to that purpose. With the extended function and features of this unit, Boundless aims at the hybrid user market with the Tera, which retails currently for $199. If you only get into concentrates occasionally and don’t want to spend money on a full eRig, the Tera is your perfect answer.

In conclusion, I’m well satisfied with the Boundless Tera and Vexil, both of them solid units with great airflow that gets the goodies straight to the customer with no middle-man. The small, budget unit, the CFC Lite, was the only one that underwhelmed me, but at $64 it is only to be considered as a budget unit for the casual user. The Tera works as the deluxe option, while the Vexil hits the Goldilocks zone in between.

Readers, share your wisdom regarding Boundless, the Tera, dry herb vapes in general, “aromatherapy devices” in particular, or your own off-topic ramblin’ here on the comments or in our vapor-clouded forum.



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