The Flavor Company provides flavorings using only the highest quality ingredients that are validated for quality and consistency.

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Cannabis, terpenes, and flavor

Did you know that many of the same terpenes that are produced by the cannabis plant are also found elsewhere in nature?⁣⁣ The Flavor Company’s flavorings are designed to mirror these unique flavors and terpene combinations of the strains they represent.⁣⁣

The Flavor Company natural flavor profiles
Photo from The Flavor Company website

Flavors are touted as Organic Compliant, Food Grade and Solvent Free. They are made for use in tinctures, edibles, and vape products. ⁣These flavors can be added directly to your herbal concentrates or to a base such as MCT or PG. ⁣

Organic and Natural Flavor vs Artificial Flavor

Pure Natural Flavors

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What does a product mean when it says “natural flavoring”? Natural flavors include the essence or extractions obtained directly from the plants themselves. Natural flavors contain the flavoring constituents derived from the respective spice, fruit, vegetable, herb, or other substance. An example would be sprinkling sage on poultry, where the sage comes from the sage brush plant.

Artificial flavoring, by contrast, means any substance which was not derived from that natural source, but was synthesized through chemistry. An example would be Ethyl Propionate, a chemical compound used for fruity flavors with a pineapple scent. This chemical also occurs naturally in strawberries and kiwi fruit in trace amounts. This shows that artificial chemicals can still occur in nature, even though it’s more practical to synthesize them.

As for “organic,” the USDA has a standard for organic products, through accredited certifying agents such as the National Organic Program. Qualifications for a product to be “USDA Certified Organic” must be something that can be grown and be eaten, as in an “agriculture” product.

Compliance and Certification

The Flavor Company (TFC) provides assistance with compliance and only works with manufactures that are certified with EU and US regulations.

Safety Data Sheet: The Flavor Company also maintains the SDS for each product sold. A copy of the relevant sheet is shipped with every order.

Pure Natural Flavors

Ultra-concentrated and Solvent-free flavors
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The company offers Pure Natural Premium flavors which are ultra-concentrated and solvent-free, in varieties including hundreds of fruit, spice, and herbal creations.

Natural Flavors MCT

Pure Natrual Premium Line Flavor
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The company also offers flavorings in a medium-chain triglyceride oil, in a range of flavors similar to their Pure Natural Premium products. Check the site for full menu listing.

710 Flavor- Extract Thinner

They also offer a solution for turning your extracts into a vapable oil.

Flavor Extract Thinner
Liquestract Extract Thinner from The Flavor Company

They guarantee that it has no:

…instead using only natural terpenes that are flavorless and odorless.

Other Products…

  • High strength blends that can be custom-formulated.
  • Classic cannabis flavoring terpenes, designed to emulate cannabis strains.
  • Bitter blockers, used to mellow out flavors in other carriers.
Strain Specific Terpene Profiles
Photo from The Flavor Company website

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