Mammoth Microbes located in Fort Collins Colorado, specializes in manufacturing a microbial inoculate that promotes root health and and growth across both organic and synthetic grow processes.

Mammoth P Maximizing Phosphorus and Micro-nutrients

Developed by the founders of Growcentia. Mammoth P is an additive meant to nourish plant roots in your grow operation. Compatible with all cultivation schemes. Including soil based, peat based and hydroponic deep water systems. Mammoth P contains chosen microbes that interact with the root structure of plants. Plants feed the microbes. In exchange the microbes produce the phosphorus nitrogen that plants need to thrive. The microbes in Mammoth P increase root health and growth.
Bottle of Mammoth P
Mammoth P is a microbial additive that promotes root health

Produced and Bottled in Fort Collins Colorado

With complete control over the manufacturing process from growing microbes to bottling. . Mammoth P has an impressive shelf life of 24 months. The inoculate grown from frozen stock is resistant to a wide range of temperatures without losing efficacy. These microbes are hardy and persistent within a wide PH range between 5 and 9. They also maintain viability even when added to nutrient solutions treated with disinfectants. There are no known products that inhibit the microbial growth.

Invented by Colorado State PhD Microbiologists

Mammoth Microbes founded by scientists with experience in the maintenance of soil health. They have a unique mission to assist growers no matter their chosen method. No matter how you choose to grow your plants Mammoth Microbes has invented a solution to assist you. Produced with only natural supplements. It is 30 times more effective at releasing nutrients that your plants need. Resulting in better plant health, growth, and yields.
Mammoth Microbes has shown their work. Producing an organic microbial solution for your grow operation. Microbes chosen through the scientific method their solution provides nutrients that plants crave. Attaining the goal of assisting growers increase plant yield and quality. Mammoth Microbes are becoming industry leaders.
More information on Mammoth Microbes and Mammoth P can be found on their website.


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