Ammo Live Resin Extract Review – Potent and Affordable


Today we will take a look at Ammo Brand, this time at their live resin concentrates. Ammo Brand currently offers live resin concentrates, flower eighths, and half-gram live resin cartridges. Both their live resin concentrates and cartridges are priced for the budget-conscious user looking for more affordable live resin choices. Ammo Loaded live resin consists of live resin amplified with THC diamonds, which is manufactured in-house by Arcatax House of Extracts. For this review, I will try their live resin and see how it compares to other budget-friendly live resin choices.


  • Very good potency
  • Good flavor
  • One of the most affordable live resins


  • Taste could be slightly improved

Recommendations: The flavor for their live resin concentrates could be slightly improved.

Almost as tasty and potent as Highland Oil Company, Loudpack Extracts, and Connected Cannabis Company

This week, I picked up Mac Breath live resin from Ammo Brand from Arcata House of Extracts. The look and consistency of both live resin look chunky with tiny THC-A diamonds yet slightly golden in color, somewhat similar to

Maven Extracts, Cosmic Brands, and Cream of the Crop Gardens. Mac Breath is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Jelly Breath and Miracle Alien Cookies. The unique aroma of Mac Breath is sweet, herbal, and spicy with hints of tropical fruits, pine, oak, and earth. The taste of Mac Breath is sweet, earthy, and fruity while the effects felt relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric. The most dominant terpene for Mac Breath is listed as limonene. The effects of Mac Breath were perfect for weekend adventures or watching your favorite show before going to sleep.

This live resin was almost as tasty and potent as Highland Oil Company, Loudpack Extracts, and Connected Cannabis Company. The THC % of Mac Breath is 75.49% and the total cannabinoid % is 86.53%.

Tastier and felt more potent than The Live Resin Project, 831 Extracts and Lemonnade

I also picked their Royal Sour live resin from Ammo Brand. Royal Sour is an unusually Indica dominant hybrid cross between Royal Kush and Sour Diesel. The most dominant terpenes listed for Royal Sour are myrcene and caryophyllene. The aroma/taste of Royal Sour is sweet, skunky, and fruity with hints of citrus, earth, and diesel. The balanced effects of Royal Sour felt physically

relaxing yet mentally uplifting and creatively focused. The effects of Royal Sour are perfect for anyone needing a productive boost of mental energy. This live resin was tastier and felt more potent than The Live Resin Project, 831 Extracts, and Lemonnade. The THC % of Royal Sour is 69.71% and the total cannabinoid % is 70.65%.

Ammo Mac Breath Lab Results

Ammo Royal Sour Lab Results

Mac Breath wins for its potency over Royal Sour, but both equally tasty

The retail price for the Ammo Brand live rosin is usually around $25 for a gram, pre-tax. In my opinion, this is one of the better budget brands live resin for its very affordable price, only slightly more than Papa’s Herb. Overall, this felt as tasty as Dimebag, MX Brand, and Nug Brand. In fact, this live resin was as good as the oil in the Connected disposables. In addition, their live resin cartridge was also very affordable. It also felt stronger than other similar budget live resin cartridge choices, such as Permanent Holiday. I enjoyed the flavor of both live resins. I would recommend the Mac Breath over Royal Sour in terms of potency.

Overall, I would recommend Ammo Brand for its solid quality and potency at a very impressively low price

In conclusion, Ammo Brand is highly recommended if you’re aiming to save some extra money for its very inexpensive price. Ammo is not as tasty and potent as Highland Oil Company, Loudpack Extracts, and Connected Cannabis Company.  On the other hand, Ammo is still better than some of the most recent concentrates from The Live Resin Project, 831 Extracts, and Lemonnade. As of now, you can find Ammo brand products, such as live resin concentrates, flower eighths, and half-gram live resin cartridges in select dispensaries throughout California here.

Have you tried Ammo Brand? Let us know if you did and what do you think about it in the comments or on our forum.


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