Smilyn Hemp Delta-8 Diamonds Review – Smooth and Affordable

Today we will be taking a look at Smilyn Hemp, another brand that currently offers an assorted variety of wellness…

17 hours ago

Urb Delta-8 Diamonds Review – Great Consistency But Slightly Harsh

I would only recommend Designer Dabs Delta-8 diamonds for their great consistency, mildly potent daytime effects, and higher levels of…

3 weeks ago

BEAR Labs Live Resin Diamonds Review – Flavorful and Affordable

Super smooth, the big flavor on these diamonds and sauce. The price point of $36/pre-tax makes it one of the…

1 month ago

Viola Diamonds Review – Impressive Potency and Quality

Viola live resin diamonds score high points for their excellent quality, impressive potency, and solid flavor for a decent price.

7 months ago

Gold Drop Extract Review – Great Quality and Flavor

Gold Drop concentrates offers excellent quality, solid potency, and great flavor for a lower price than most similar concentrates

7 months ago

Rove Diamonds Review – Exceptional and Delicious

Rove live diamonds are definitely worth a recommendation for their exceptional quality, extremely strong potency, and delicious flavor at a…

7 months ago

Cream of the Crop Extracts Review – Surprisingly Great Quality

Cream of the Crop Gardens is highly recommended for its better-than-expected quality, strong potency, and solid flavor

9 months ago

Ammo Live Resin Extract Review – Potent and Affordable

Ammo Brand is one of the most affordable live resins out there that is also decently potent and has good…

10 months ago

Connected Live Resin Diamonds Review – Exceptional Quality and Flavor

Today we will take another look at Connected Cannabis Co., this time at their live resin concentrates, to be more…

11 months ago

Cosmic Brands Live Resin Review – Amazing Quality and Taste

Cosmic Brands' live resin is one of the best live resin for its surprisingly amazing quality, strong potency, and deliciously…

1 year ago

831 Extracts Live Resin Review – Mild but Affordable

831 Extracts would be a very mild recommendation since they are pretty much very average on every level of performance.

1 year ago

Maven Extracts Review – Potent, Tasty and Reasonably Priced

Maven extracts are strong, very potent, very tasty, and can be bought at a reasonable price. 

1 year ago

Guild Extracts Diamond Sauce Review – Very Good and Affordable

Guild Extracts live resin diamonds are recommended for their excellent taste, strong potency, and affordable price.

1 year ago

Jetty Extracts Diamonds Review – Excellent Quality For Diamonds

We recommend Jetty Extracts live resin diamonds for their quality, taste, and potency.

1 year ago

Best Concentrates in California : Best Cali Dabs 2022

Budder, diamonds, and terp sauce, oh my! DabConnection's staff reviewers have barely let their dab rigs cool down the entire…

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Buddies Brand Cartridge Review – Excellent Quality, Potency, and Taste

The Buddies live resin cartridges have excellent quality, potency, and taste and you can get them at a reasonable price.

1 year ago

Lemonnade Diamonds Review – Good Quality For Diamonds

The Lemonnade diamonds are easily the best product from their line-up so far. They are currently available in California and…

1 year ago

Cannatique Farms Review – Brand Responsible For Several Popular Strains

Cannatique Farms concentrates are easily one of the best concentrates you can find for a reasonable price.

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