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Extract Labs Cartridge Review- Quality Delta 8 Delivers Smooth and Clean Hits


Extract Labs cartridges provide very smooth hits and one of the cleanest Delta 8 THC carts. Here, we review two different strains, Sour Ghost and Ogre Berry. Both delivering the same quality hits, effects, and potency, they deliver a smoother and lighter experience than most Delta 8 THC cartridges.


  • Quality and clean D8 THC
  • Smooth hits
  • CCELL hardware


  • Slightly high in price
  • Only half gram

Recommendations: Perhaps some discounts or deals, and also provide full gram cartridges.

Extract Labs cartridge delivers clean hits and a smooth experience

Overall, Extract Labs gives a nice experience and slight effects.

After trying both strains, I did enjoy how smooth and clean these cartridges hit. Being one of the cleanest-tasting and smoothest hitting Delta 8, Extract Labs gives a mellow experience. Not the most potent delta 8, nor the cheapest, but these cartridges are one of the smoothest. 

Delta 8 THC is a form of cannabinoid, known to deliver harsher hits than Delta 9, or your typical dispensary grade cartridge. In my experience, D8 carts are usually always harsh on my throat after long and consistent hits. Not always, but a lot of potent ones do. But with Exctact Labs, you won’t really get many harsh hits or a burnt taste.

Authentic lab results show clean results

Not the most potent, but the strain Sour Ghost only has 62% Delta 8 THC.

Extract Labs provide a variety of lab results, for both of their D8 carts. They actually provide lab testing and analytical services. Therefore, they tested their own products, and you can find more on their lab results on their official website.

Sour Ghost – Light and smooth, flower taste

Sour Ghost provides great quality oil and hits. Smooth effects and slight flower taste.

The flavor for this particular strain, Sour Ghost, gives more of a flower and natural taste to it. Doesn’t have too much flavor, rather it’s more of a slight, flower-dense taste. Great for those who enjoy a more natural taste, or strains like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, etc. The potency isn’t as strong with this being only 62% D8 THC. 

Ogre Berry – Delivers a sweeter taste, just as smooth

Ogre Berry delivers a more flavorful taste. Just as smooth and light, but tastes good.

With Ogre Berry, this strain tastes more flavorful than Sour Ghost. It still does have somewhat of a flowery taste to it, but you can slightly taste some berry in there. Just as smooth and light of a taste, Ogre berry doesn’t leave a strong taste nor harsh hits. The potency and effects feel the same on both. But with Ogre Berry being 54% D8 THC, it isn’t that potent.

Good oil quality, but not the strongest Delta 8

The oil quality on these cartridges is smooth and clean, free of solvents and pesticides. But not the most potent quality.

Earlier in this review, we shared Extract Labs’ lab results for both strains. They both contain around 54%-60% D8 THC, which is alright for someone looking for a light experience. If you’re looking for a Delta 8 cartridge that delivers stronger effects, this might not be the cartridge for you. 

Furthermore, these cartridges deliver more of a lighter experience. A much smoother and cleaner experience than some Delta 8 cartridges that deliver harsher hits. The effects aren’t nearly as potent, there are plenty of other Delta 8 cartridges that go up to 90% D8 THC. But these still deliver very slight and relaxing effects.

Extract Labs use CCELL hardware, efficient half gram cartridges

Efficient and effective, these cartridges deliver nice hits.

The hardware these cartridges use is CCELL Jupiter hardware. Nothing to complain about the cartridges, they give nice and efficient hits. They never clogged on me, unlike the PurLyf Delta 8 cartridges did, these hit great all throughout the cartridge.

Comparing Extract Labs with other Delta 8 cartridges and brands

Having tried many different Delta 8 cartridges and brands, Extract Labs seem to deliver a smoother and lighter experience. I’ve noticed that there are some Delta 8 cartridges that are very smoother when hitting but delivers slighter effects. Whereas, other D8 cartridges are much potent, but deliver harsher hits. The types of terpenes each company uses makes a difference. Noticing that BDT (Botanically Derived Terpenes) tends to be harsher than CDT (Cannabis Derived Terpenes). Check out our best Delta 8 cartridge list, where we describe more on our experience with each brand.

A bit higher price for just a half gram, but quality Delta 8

The price of these cartridges go for $40, which is around the price of what quality Delta 8 cartridges are. But the only thing is that these are just half-gram cartridges. At this price range, you can find full gram D8 carts that are just as smooth, quality, and tasteful. If anything, there are half gram D8 carts, like Dimension 8 or 3Chi, that are more inexpensive and just as great.

In conclusion, Extract Labs Delta 8 cartridge is ideal for someone starting with Delta 8

Overall, these cartridges give a nice and light experience. Great for someone looking for slighter effects and quality D8.

To sum up, Extract Labs delivers great quality oil and mellow effects. These cartridges are great if you’re not used to the harsh hits that some Delta 8 carts normally deliver. If you’re used to the effects of dispensary cartridges and want something stronger, then you may want to look for more potent options. But, Extract labs is excellent for a smoother, lighter, and tasteful experience. You can learn more about Extract Labs and purchase them on their website.

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