PUF THC Cartridge Review – Good Price and Taste


I recently came across the chance to try a few PUF cartridges, one Indica (Critical Cure) and one Sativa (Strawberry Cough). I picked them up at a local dispensary. Best yet, they were on sale for $15.00 each! 

You can check out our video review of PUF carts here.


  • Good price
  • Smooth taste
  • Easy to assemble


  • It made me cough more than normal
  • Plastic packing is not easy to open
  • Slightly burnt taste only ½ way thru

Recommendations: None

Good price

From a price point of view, this cartridge is a good value. The THC was at 86% (both) so I gave each vape one drag, on two different days, to see how the high was on each day. Both provided a lovely feeling within moments of that puff or PUF, if you will. Being more of an Indica person, I gravitated towards that one, and I found that 3 pulls in 5 min were good for about 3 hours of a nice high. Nice head high, feeling light and time passed fast (as a rule I set timers.) As a regular cannabis user, I find that some products make me go back again and again as the high wears off quickly. So, the value is lost in over. all use. However, I found this inexpensive vape cartridge to be of great value.  


The taste of each cartridge was different indeed

 The Indica (Critical Cure) had a subtle sweet taste with a hint of Limonene mixed with a hint of pepper which is from the caryophyllene. The aftertaste was more of mediacies taste to it which was not unpleasant. I would get this cartridge again if it’s available. Best value for me!  Real nice head high. I’ll be looking for this one again and may even stock up and get a few. 

The Sativa (Strawberry Cough) did just that, made me cough after every pull. Small pull, 5 min of coughing. Big pull, 20 min of coughing. Okay so I exaggerate a little, but sure felt that way. The high from this one however was euphoric, with a hint of positivity. It was also long-lasting and pleasant, no paranoia here. A little ruff for my lungs, but I’ll have this one for a while.   So, the name is more of a warning. Now I don’t mind a cough, usually, if something makes me cough, I back down my pull, this however made no difference. The taste of this one surely had a fruity berry taste. Sweet indeed, I liked it a lot. As for any aftertaste, I’m not sure as it was gone well before I’d stopped coughing. The buzz was as expected and did last a few hours before needing another 3 pulls. But those 3 pulls took me an hour of my day (coughing in between.) I’ll not be picking this one up again. 

Length they lasted me

As I smoke/vape all day every day, for this product I set everything else aside to see how long 2 vape cartridges would last me. I found that after the first 24 hours I was about ½ way on the Indica and barely touched the Sativa. Three days in and the Indica was gone and the Sativa was ½ was gone. The cough factor actually made me slow down my usage for the next two days. So, after 5 days of use, I’d run out and felt that for the money spent, great value indeed! 

Replace flower for me?

As a person who has used cannabis for some time now, I’d like to say that none of the vape cartridges are great for the environment. I try to keep my personal usage to more flower as it’s the most familiar, sustainable, and versatile. That said, as I live blocks away from Freemont Street in Las Vegas, smoke is not the best way to go, so I’ll take a vape with me to walk the streets and feel safe that I’m not drawing the wrong kind of attention to myself. In conclusion, I’d get this brand again.

Have you tried PUF carts? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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