First Edition Kurvana Cartridge Review – Decent but Not Great

The Regular Kurvana Cartridge isn’t very strong

Kurvana Cartridge in it’s three stages: New, used, and broken down.

I really thought based on how awesome the packaging is for the Kurvana cartridge I was going to get a great vape. I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be a cheaply made cartridge with some decent cannabis extract. Now there is a version two of these Kurvana cartridges available, but I was not able to try it out yet but when I do I will provide a link here to the review.

Design Quality: Cheap plastic and old style wick vaporizer

The original Kurvana cartridge is using a cheaply made cartridge that is from years back ago. This is not to be confused with  “Kurvana Originals” their new higher end line.

When taking a huge hit with this cartridge the wick makes it a bit harsh. This cart reminds me of an Americanna cartridge I reviewed, that was a budget brand. Writing this Kurvana cartridge review made me have an appreciation for other companies who innovate their products to create a better vaping experience.

Ingreidents: All natural and pure extracts here

These are lab tested solventless cannabis oil extract. You can vape knowing you are not doing any harm to your body. As you can see in the photo below the date of the lab test is provided. A pesticide analysis is also conducted to ensure your oil is 100% clean with Kurvana. I was impressed with how recent the test have been conducted by SClabs. A good quality cartridge may have made this much better.

Strength: lacks strength compared to others that are cheaper

It’s not that this cartridge is weak its that it’s not very strong. It got me medicated but I just couldn’t get as blown as I did with other brands that cost less. The THC amount was tested at 72% which is quite high. However, brass knuckles were also tested at the 70’s and are much stronger than Kurvana.

The Kurvana cartridge has good oil tat taste good

I really liked the taste of the cannabis oil when vaped only in small puffs. The flavor itself is good but when you take huge hits the wick makes it too harsh to enjoy. It tastes really clean which makes me confident if I was vaping this cannabis extract in a different cart the experience would be much better.

Value: Overpriced for old vaping technology

I managed to get my hands on this cartridge for $20.00 a half gram. This was because I know someone who has a direct source to these. Anywhere else in the bay area these half grams are selling for $35.00 and up. I spent the whole day puffing away on a half gram cart and only manage to bring it down by half. After finishing two of these cartridges I decided I would not buy these again even at the discounted price I have it available to me.

Efficiency: A New model of these carts have been created for a reason

I was impressed with how many times I could vape from this cart. Kurvana keeps producing these carts even though they are old vaping technology. In fact, they are the first generation carts for vaping. Many new different types of superior cartridges have been introduced to the market which surprises how this product can be sold for the high amount it’s being sold at and remain on the market.

Final thoughts, I would not ever buy this cartridge again

There are simply too many better products available at a cheaper price. I recommend the select cartridge instead of this Kurvana cartridge. I cant recommend this Kurvana prefilled cartridge. Save your self some money and don’t buy this cart. Kurvana does sell different cartridges that use better tech and more info can be found on them here.

Jesse :Jesse grew up in Northern California. He started working online straight after high-school for eBay as an affiliate marketer for 9+ years. His success allowed him to travel and live in different states but he ended up back in California after quickly learning there is no better place for THC then there. His all time favorite favorite type of concentrate is sugar wax.

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