Pulsar RoK Review: Good eRig Once You Get Used To It


Here I review the Pulsar RoK eRig that handles both concentrates and dry herb. The device has a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it makes for a satisfactory experience. It has a unique build compared to any other eRig. Nothing extraordinary about this device, quite the contrary actually. Very convenient product and simple to use once you got the temp settings down.


  • Button use convenient
  • Power off mode
  • Snug fit


  • Scorching temperatures
  • Clogging issues
  • Glass placement

Pulsar RoK comes in many parts but works well when you get the hang of it

The RoK eRig including everything it comes with

This 4 – 10 piece build is quite simple and easy to put together. Nothing seems like it would slip and break given the snug fits of the glass pieces. The build quality is good.

One thing I found out to be somewhat of an issue, but also a smart placement, was the glass/percolators. On the one hand, there’s no reason your device should malfunction from water damage since unlike the Puffco Peak

or Kandypen’s Oura, the water is placed at the bottom of the device with a detachable down stem instead of on top of the battery. On the other hand, glass breaks, so if you happen to smash the device accidentally while placing it down it is easier to break than the Puffco Peak or Kandypen’s Oura.

Putting together the RoK eRig and cleaning it is pretty easy

Regardless of the bottom glass piece, the Pulsar RoK consists of 4 pieces when unboxing and 8 when cleaning. To set up the Pulsar all that’s needed is the base glass, battery, percolator, and carb cap. Disarming the device for cleaning purposes seems a bit more difficult but in actuality is not time-consuming what so over.

If and when the device gets clogged, all you have to clean out are the isolated airpath tubes and both compartments of the mouthpiece. Making it a total of 8 pieces after completely disarmed, this device makes for easy cleaning due to very little getting dirty.

The pieces include with the Rok eRig are:

  • Atomizers (2x): 1 for concentrates, 1 for dry herb
  • Battery
  • Carb cap
  • Glass cup
  • Isolated airpath tubes (2x)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Percolator
  • Silicon collar (for carb cap)
  • Silicone snug for the mouthpiece

Airflow is good, but getting temp right takes practice

Here’s what the RoK looks like before you pull it out of the box.

Fresh out the box this device pulls amazingly, but due to scorching temperatures, a bit of experimenting is needed to find the perfect hit. Unfortunately, that’s how things get clogged and if it’s cold out it’s easier for the concentrates to harden up again and cause terrible airflow. The air path gets loaded with residual oils and ends up clogging the device.

Not a bad fix but if you’re trying to take a nice dab and don’t realize the Pulsar is clogged, you end up wasting your concentrates and scorching the oil, leaving a bad flavor in the smoke. Burnt oil is never good even if it was good oil.

How to fix clogging on the Pulsar Rok

To resolve this issue all I had to do was remove the air path tubes and remove the mouthpieces. I let those 4 pieces sit in 91-99% rubbing alcohol for about an hour, but you could cut that down to 1-2 minutes if you decide to scrub and clean it yourself.

Once the pieces are free of all clogs and ready to use again, it makes for a perfect session. The carb cap and silicon collar are an amazingly perfect fit, unlike the Kandypen’s Oura. The Pulsar RoK brings soothing and smooth hits regardless of the temperatures. All you need to do is to figure out how to use the settings.

Temperatures are hot, but once mastered hits are smooth on the RoK eRig

Another part of the RoK

Apparently, Pulsar Rok reaches 900-1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is an insane amount of heat for oil concentrates. At first, while still new to the product, it’s hard to calculate the right temperature for the right experience. But once I figured out how to turn off the heat settings mid sesh, you can continuously heat up the coil by simply holding the button designed for power mode and temp settings.

It’s a fairly easy to use eRig once mastered

It is a simple build and very easy to use, but figuring out when to turn off the heat in the coil isn’t always easy. Double tapping and letting the device start the heating process seems way too simple, then before you know it your rosin or diamonds is burnt out.

How to get the best hit out of the RoK

Shutting down the device mid hit during a sesh, then triple tapping to lower the temperatures and at the same time holding the button to make sure your dab doesn’t get too cold works the best. There’s a lot of tapping to do and it’s not always easy for your first hit. Assisted hits with someone that understands how to use the device creates the best experience. Figuring out the temp settings wasn’t difficult, what was difficult was figuring out when to hit it and how.

Too much glass bad or good?

Here’s the glass that comes with the RoK.

The quality of the glass seems a little thin, but it’s actually really decent and the perfect snug fit will make sure the cup compartment will not fall off. Slamming the device would end up in a tragedy; you’d just have to replace the cup piece and maybe the percolator as well. The carb cap seems to be the only durable glass on the device, the percolator glass seems extremely thin and light. The cup is medium thickness, so I’d say not a bad build. Not so many people like all those glass pieces but if you know how to take care of your device you should have no issues whatsoever, except for the scorching temps, and clogged airflow.

How to hit Pulsar Rok

Mostly explained in the airflow section, the Pulsar Rok has its little tricks to creating the perfect experience. This was not a 10/10 unboxing, but once you learn the desired temperatures (which are definitely not 900-100 F), the smoke goes down very smoothly. As a preference and a good hit, you double-tap for automatic-start in the mid temp settings and let it heat up for about 10 seconds. After doing so you can either hit it or wait to change the temp settings from the second to the third only to reach the first setting again.

The highest setting is too hot for most

Leaving it at the highest setting scorches the oil and coil so be careful hitting it on red. Once reaching green, setting the coil would have probably melted your concretes by now. To obtain the perfect hit, you cap the device and hold down the button for your desired heat. Keep in mind the coil is already packed before the heating process.

Concluding our Pulsar RoK review…

It’s not okay to have to figure out your device and waste your product only to find that all the wasted oils will clog up everything. I’d suggest watching how-to videos that will shortly be posted. Also, once you get the temp settings down, maintain the e-rig clean for perfect airflow every time. Scorching temperatures will make for easy clogging since the concentrates turn liquid right away then back to solid when it gets cold.

The right settings and tweaks will reveal the truest flavor of your concentrate. Just make sure to not scorch it because hitting burnt rosin isn’t fun. Experiment with the settings, always q-tip the coil after every hit, maintain the air path tubes clean and you’ll have a nice Pulsar RoK experience. Just make sure you understand the process isn’t easy or a first try type of thing, patience is key.

You can get the Pulsar Rok at King’s Pipe here.

Have you tried any Pulsar RoK vaporizers before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!

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