Reviews of eRigs from various manufacturers.

KandyPens’ Oura Review: Not The Move

Really disappointed with KandyPens OURA's performance. With a price tag of $350, your best bet is picking up a rig…

3 weeks ago

Pulsar RoK Review: Good eRig Once You Get Used To It

Here we review the Pulsar RoK eRig. See why it's a decent eRig but takes some getting used to.

4 weeks ago

Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak : May the Best Rig Win!

A comparison of two rigs, the Dr. Dabber Switch vs. the Puffco Peak.

3 months ago

Focus V Carta V2 Review: Powerful Mini eRig

A review of the Carta V2 by Focus V. This portable eRig is reliable, hits well, and is substantially cheaper…

5 months ago

King’s Pipe Glass Inline Perc Rig Review : Cloudy Yet Smooth Dab Rips

After reviewing the King's Pipe Inline Perc rig, we loved how smooth and powerful each hit provided. Coming with an…

8 months ago

Dr Dabber vs Dabado : Some Portable eRigs Are Exactly The Same

Two eRig companies that have very similar products are Dr Dabber and Dabado. The products look as if they are…

2 years ago

Puffco Peak Preview : Interesting Dab Rig But Expensive

The Puffco Peak is being eagerly awaited by many, so as the release date gets closer, we wanted to share…

2 years ago

Dr Dabber Boost 510 Review : A More Useful Version of The Boost

Dr Dabber Boost 510 Review - Better, Cheaper & More Control The Dr Dabber Boost 510 mod takes the popular…

2 years ago