Here we will explore how to come down from a high. Remember that time when you though having ‘just one more hit, I’m not there yet’ was a great idea?

…All of a sudden the room starts spinning out of control, you’re having palpitations, little green leprechauns riding unicorns with bloody fangs are chasing you around, your life flashes before your eyes, and you just roll into a ball in the corner – waiting for your impending doom?

Congratulations! You are TOO High!

It’s happening because the high THC content of your joint, edible, pipe or bong, can sometimes trigger an anxiety episode.

It  can be confusing and sometimes, downright scary:  erratic behavior, disorientation and even panic attacks,

The good news is IT WILL PASS!

How to ‘Green out’:

  • First and foremost don’t panic. A cannabis high can last from 30 minutes to a few hours. So, find your happy place and tick, tock…
lisa simpson stoned

If you can, sleep it off (yes, it helps, try not to focus on those bloody unicorn fangs…)

  •  Eat or drink something sweet/sugary. Water with two tablespoons of sugar, orange juice, milk, or better yet, mix and match!! (Anyone for a hazelnut spread cheeseburger?)
  • Take a shower, the colder the better.
  • Call someone, chat, talk, and try to take your mind off the high. Advice for the newbies: Try not to get high at first alone, you might need someone you trust to calm you my crazy to


  •  Pepper. (not kidding) BLACK Peppercorns. Try chomping on two or three or add them to other food. It helps with the panic and paranoia almost instantly. According to a scientific review published by Ethan Russo, cannabis and pepper have very similar chemical traits. Pepper is known to help with pain, depression and anxiety.
  • On the other hand, if you want to lengthen your high, eat a mango!
  • Ibuprofen may help as well.
  • Sit and watch some TV. (Please stay away from American Horror Story or anything Stephen King).  Also, avoid singing The Simpsons’ theme at the top of your lungs,you might scare the dog.stoned dog

Again, the best advice anybody can give is breathe, relax, don’t panic, and just wait for the undesired effect to pass.

But whatever you do, please, for the love of all that’s good and sacred,  do not, I repeat, DO NOT call your mom!!

calling mom

Consider not partaking one hour before that job interview, meeting the in-laws, or walking down the aisle.




  1. That was the best explanation on what you feel like when you’re high I’ve ever heardNever laughed so hard in my life


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