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HOWTO Edibles: Cannabis Peanut Butter

Follow this simple step by step tutorial to make edible cannabis peanut butter. And then use it to make an epic PBJ you'll never forget!

Simplisick : Weedtuber Based in California

Simplisick is a content creator on YouTube. Known as Andrew to his family and friends. His channel is intended for people 18 years or older. In particular, he has over 14,000 subscribers. With running total views of 1.8 million.

HaleyIsSoarx: Weedtuber, Reviewer, and Cannabis Personality

HaleyIsSoarx is a YouTuber popular for her cannabis and wax related videos.

What is TheWeedTube? New Platform For Weedtubers With Less Rules

Some of the biggest content creators in the cannabis community have been working on something very special for the last 2 months, and we...

WeedTubers : List Of Most Popular Stars This Year

So, it’s a new year and the marijuana industry continues to grow (yay)! Here we’re looking at the most popular weedtubers of 2018. Weedtubers share their...