Reviews of batteries from the perspective of oil pen users.

PCKT One Plus Review: Excellent Design, Long Battery Life

Here we reviewed the PCKT One Plus battery. It has some unique features and hits hard with a little preheat. Read More

1 month ago

Magic 710 Review: Tiny Battery Packs a Punch

Our review of the Magic 710 battery proved it to be hard hitting, compact, and with a long lasting battery. Read More

2 months ago

Airis Tick Review: Good hitting compact battery with long life

A review of the Airis Tick vape battery by Airistech. Besides the top that will not close on some cartridges,… Read More

2 months ago

Vessel Battery Review – Currently The Best Battery For Cartridges

Review of the Vessel battery. A long lasting battery that is optimized for cartridges. Has amazing airflow, giving tasteful and… Read More

3 months ago

SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Review: Compact, Discreet, Works With Many Carts

Review of the Steamcloud Mini 2.0 by NY Vape Shop. Overall it proved to be a versatile battery. Read More

4 months ago

CCELL Silo Review: Small Form Factor Battery for Vape Cartridges

Review of the CCELL Silo battery. This turned out to be a great small form factor battery for THC cartridges,… Read More

6 months ago

PCKT ONE Review – Pull Draw and Push Button In One Vapor Battery

Our PCKT ONE review showed this battery can handle vape cartridges well. Having pull draw and push button on the… Read More

8 months ago

CCELL Palm Review – Long Lasting Battery Works Excellent With CCELL Cartridges

Here we review the CCELL® Palm in its entirety after prolonged use. Overall, we found it to be a very… Read More

9 months ago

O2VAPE Flip Platinum Review – Convenient Compact Vape Pen For Prefilled Carts

Click a button and fold your oil pen cartridge into your battery. Three heat settings and the easiest to charge… Read More

12 months ago