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Butane Honey Oil Labs : Don’t Try This At Home!

We examine the alarming number of black market butane honey oil labs going up in explosions and fires. Butane is not safe for amateurs to handle.

Live Resin vs. Distillate: What’s the Difference?

Here's an explanation of the difference between live resin and distillate cannabis. The two methods produce the polar opposite product.

Butane Supply Owner Admits Guilt Over BHO Manufacturing Drug Charge

The owner of California based butane supply company has pleaded guilty to a drug charge relating to manufacturing hash oil. BK Power Imports, Inc. owner,...

Making Hash Oil Is Illegal : Watch This BHO Explosion Unfold!

Wax, dabs, shatter… Whatever you call it, ‘Butane Hash Oil’ (BHO) remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Illegal maybe, but many people still risk...

BHO Wax Continued. Dangers, Impurities and How to Know What’s Good

The DANGERS of Making Your Own BHO Wax There is a lot of misleading information on making BHO wax floating around online. The advice “just...

What Is BHO Wax and How Is It Made?

What is BHO? One of the most interesting developments in the weed industry has been the growth of hash oil. This powerful form of marijuana delivers...