Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts Flower Review – Tasty and Smooth


Today we will take a look at Claybourne Co., specifically at their Gold Cuts flower eighths. Claybourne Co. offers two separate tiers for their flower eighths, their regular indoor Private Stock, and their exclusive Gold Cuts. This month, Claybourne Co sent us a couple of samples from their Gold Cuts selection. For this review, let’s try two of the flower eighths from their Gold Cuts lineup.

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  • Exceptional appearance
  • Excellent potency
  • Strong medicinal effects
  • Smooth flavor


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

Recommendations: None

Claybourne Co. offers some of the best, smoothest experiences I’ve had so far

Recently, I was very satisfied with the surprisingly tasty and smooth flavor of their mixed-light greenhouse eighths from Fleetwood Flower Company (which is their affordable budget value sister brand). The packaging for their Gold Cuts selection looks clean and stylish with its stylish gold embossed letters above their eagle logo. After opening the box, the nugs are in a clear glass jar with their company name and strain name against a grainy photo background on the lid. The packaging also allows you to preview a glimpse of the flower through an open window on the side. Both strains have tremendous bag appeal with dense nug structure.

Vanilla Dice has a frosty look, creamy aroma, and sweet flavor that felt similar to Vanilla Gelato from Tyson Ranch

The first of their samples was their Vanilla Dice, which felt very similar to Vanilla Gelato from Sin City Seeds cultivated by Tyson Ranch. The frosty appearance of Vanilla Dice has light green and purple hues with dark amber pistils. There were mostly medium to small nugs with one large nug. The aroma of Vanilla Dice is sweet, creamy, and floral with hints of lavender, citrus, and pine.

The flavor of Vanilla Dice tastes similar to its aroma with notes of lavender, vanilla, and earth. The effects of Tropic Fury felt euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing. Its Indica-dominant effects felt perfect for nighttime or decompressing after work. The total THC % of Vanilla Dice is 31.38%, the CBD % is 0.05%, the terpene % is 2.02% and the total cannabinoid % is 36.47%.

Tropic Fury has darker hues of green and purple, while its aroma and flavor felt similar to Sherb Crasher from Pearl Pharma

The second of their samples were their

Tropic Fury, which is an undisclosed Sunset Sherbet cross. Prior to this review, we reviewed the live resin extract version of this same strain here. The look of Tropic Fury has darker hues of green and purple with light amber pistils, which looks similar to Sherb Crasher from Pearl Pharma (which is also a Sunset Sherbert cross). There were two medium-sized nugs and one darker giant nug. The aroma of Tropic Fury is sweet, piney, and floral with hints of citrus, diesel, and earth.

The flavor of Tropic Fury is spicy, piney, and floral with similar notes of citrus, diesel, and earth. The effects of Tropic Fury felt calming, uplifting, and relaxing. Although Tropic Fury is labeled as an Indica, its balanced effects felt perfect for daytime. The total THC % of Tropic Fury is 34.34%, the CBD % is 0.09%, the terpene % is 2.26% and the total cannabinoid % is 36.04%.

While the flavor of Vanilla Dice tastes slightly better, the effects of Tropic Fury feel a bit more potent

The full retail price for Claybourne Gold Cuts is usually $65 for an eighth, pre-tax. While the effects of Tropic Fury felt more potent than Vanilla Dice, the flavor of Vanilla Dice is tastier. While the potency and flavor of these Gold Cuts are highly recommended, the price of their flower eighths is on the steep side. However, if you are on a budget, their Private Stock selections are slightly less expensive at $50 per eighth, pre-tax.

Overall, this is a solid recommendation for Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts, even though the price is on the steep side

Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts are worth the slightly expensive price for their exceptional appearance, excellent potency, strong medicinal effects, and smooth flavor. Although the flavor and potency are top-tier quality, these Gold Cuts are pricier than Utopia Cannabis, Russian Assassin Boyz, and Tyson Ranch (which is now Tyson 2.0). On the other hand, Claybourne Co. is still slightly less pricey than Alien Labs, Connected Cannabis Co., and Teds Budz.

Claybourne Co Gold Cuts Vanilla Dice lab results

Claybourne Co. currently offers flowers, pre-rolls, and concentrates, which can be ordered through their delivery service here, depending on where you reside in California.

Have you tried Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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