Hellfire Delta-10 Disposable Review – Best tasting Delta-10 so Far


This week, we will take a peek at Hellfire, which is one of the partner brands under Smilyn Hemp. Currently, their wide range of products includes cartridges, disposables, edibles, and capsules, which are all available on the official Smilyn Hemp website here. Prior to this review, we have previously reviewed and enjoyed the Delta-8 diamonds from Smilyn Hemp here and the Smilyn Hemp HHC disposables here. For this review, I will sample their Hellfire Delta-10 disposable.

Check out our video review of the Hellfire Delta-10 Disposable here.


  • Compact design
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Surprisingly strong
  • Smoother than other brands
  • Very good effects


  • Can be harsh at the highest voltage setting

Recommendations: Each voltage setting could be slightly turned down.

The ingredients for Hellfire Delta-10 disposables are listed as hemp-derived Delta-10 distillate with strain-specific terpenes

This month, Smilyn Hemp sent us their Hellfire Delta-10 Indica disposable. It has a very compact size and design that fits completely in the palm of your hand. In front of the basic packaging are their brand name, their flame logo, and the type of strain (S

ativa, Hybrid, or Indica). The packaging also flips open from the front to reveal the disposable through an exposed window. On the back of the packaging is the name of the strain, type of strain, the overall potency, and a QR code that directs you to the lab results page on their official website. The light amber oil can be seen through a see-through window above the power button.

The most distinctive feature of the disposable is its variable voltage settings

After turning on the device by pressing the power button five times quickly, there are 3 primary voltage settings for these disposables. (Low – green, medium – blue, high – red) The voltage settings can be toggled through by pressing the power button three times quickly. The session mode can be activated by pressing the power button twice quickly. This disposable is also rechargeable with the USB port, which is located on the side of the unit.

The strain that’s used for their Delta-10 Indica disposable is Cranberry Kush, which is a rare hybrid of mysterious genetics

The sweet, floral, and spicy flavor of this Cranberry Kush disposable has notes of cranberries, citrus, and earth. Even at the lowest setting, there’s a surprisingly impressive amount of vapor production. At the highest setting, this is easily the most potent Delta-10 product I’ve reviewed so far. The flavor tastes best at the lowest voltage setting, while the medium setting felt sufficiently potent for this Delta-10 disposable. With a few puffs, the effects of this disposable slowly creep on you.

After a few minutes, its effects build from a slight pressure felt behind your eyes to a moderately potent cerebral buzz with a slightly relaxing body high. Between its mildly uplifting Delta-10 high and the slightly more Indica properties of Cranberry Kush, this disposable feels balanced for any time of the day. According to their lab results on their official website, the Delta-8 THC % of Cranberry Kush is 34.54%. The Delta-10 THC % is 26.69% and the total sum of cannabinoid % is 75.87%.

So far, this is the best tasting Delta-10 disposable or cartridge I’ve had, tastier and smoother than Pally Hemp Delta-10

Although the full retail price for Hellfire Delta-10 disposables is $44.99 for a 900 mg per unit, they are currently on sale for 22.50. This Delta-10 disposable is tastier and feels slightly more potent than the Pally Hemp Delta-10 cartridges. However, it’s not quite as tasty or smooth as the Spensary THCV/Delta-8 cartridge. At the same time, I also tried the HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp and the THC-O disposables from Smilyn Hemp this month. Overall, this Delta-10 disposable isn’t as potent as the Wild Orchard Hemp HHC disposables. On the other hand, it is much smoother and tastier than the Smilyn Hemp THC-O disposable. Without a doubt, I would also recommend these Delta-10 disposables over the Dessert Delta-8 disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp. They taste very harsh and extremely artificial.

Ultimately, I would recommend Hellfire Delta-10 disposables for those looking for a moderately potent yet uplifting head high

So, the bottom line: Hellfire Delta-10 disposables are recommended for their compact design, variable voltage settings, smoother taste, and mildly uplifting cerebral buzz. Both the Spensary THCV/Delta-8 cartridge and the Wild Orchard Hemp HHC disposables were more flavorful and less harsh than this Hellfire Delta-10 disposable. But this disposable still feels stronger than the Pally Hemp Delta-10 cartridges. It also tastes better than the Smilyn Hemp THC-O disposable.

You can find all Hellfire products, which include cartridges, disposables, edibles, and capsules, directly from Smilyn Hemp on their official website here.

Have you tried Hellfire products? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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