Fun Uncle Cartridge Review – Surprisingly Good


Today we will try out Fun Uncle, which started as the budget-friendly brand for Caliva. Caliva recently garnered attention for their latest collaboration with Jay-Z with the new Monogram brand. However, with their Fun Uncle brand, they are able to offer flower eighths, concentrates, and cartridges for a lower price for the budget-conscious consumer. For this review, I will be trying their Fun Uncle Cruisers.


  • Surprisingly good quality
  • Above-average potency
  • Solid flavor
  • Extremely affordable price


  • None

Recommendations: None

Fun Uncle Cruisers distillate cartridges are currently available in five different strains

The Fun Uncle Cruisers are budget-friendly distillate cartridges with added cannabis terpenes manufactured by Caliva. All Fun Uncle Cruisers are packaged in a colorful yet discreet plastic mylar bag that is easy to carry around. They are currently available in five different strains, which are

Lemon Jack, Strawberry Cough, SFV OG, GG4, and Berry Gelato. The lighter-colored oil looks very similar to the Surplus GG4 purified live resin cartridge. There were some issues with airflow towards the second half of this cartridge, which uses standard CCELL hardware.

Similar in potency and flavor to the Surplus GG4 purified live resin cartridge

This month, I picked up the Fun Uncle GG4 distillate cartridge with added cannabis terpenes. Gorilla Glue #4 is a multiple award-winning hybrid strain created from a three-way cross between Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. The taste of this GG4 cartridge is sour, earthy, and spicy with hints of citrus, pine, and diesel. The effects of this GG4 cartridge initially felt balanced between uplifting euphoria and full-body relaxation. This GG4 also felt similar in potency and flavor to the Surplus GG4 purified live resin cartridge last month. The effects of GG4 felt perfect for any time of the day as I felt focused, energized yet relaxed. The THC % of GG4 is 87.13% and the CBD % is 0.11%. 

GG4 cart

Slightly preferred the GG4 over Berry Gelato for its stronger potency and better flavor

Next, I picked up their Berry Gelato, also known as

Acai Berry Gelato. Acai Berry Gelato is an Indica dominant phenotype from crossing Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet. The flavor of this Berry Gelato has a sweet, fruity, and floral berry taste with hints of lavender, pine, and earth. The relaxing effects of Berry Gelato felt slightly more Indica dominant as it felt perfect for decompressing after work and settling in for the night. As I thought Berry Gelato tasted too floral for my taste, I slightly preferred the
GG4 for its stronger potency and better flavor. The THC % of Berry Gelato is 86.59% and the CBD % is 0.19%.

Tastier and slightly more potent than Dimebag, Leune, and Jeeter Juice

The retail price for Fun Uncle distillate cartridges is usually around $16 for a full gram, pre-tax. Quality-wise, these felt similar to the Woodstock distillate cartridges. These were also tastier and slightly more potent than other distillates, such as the Dimebag Sunset Sherbert and Jeeter Juice Purple Punch. The GG4 cartridge felt like the best distillate I’ve had since the Woodstock cartridges from earlier this year. But it should be noted that the flavor of Berry Gelato wasn’t quite as tasty, which felt closer to the flavor of Leune CloudBerry distillate. 

Fun Uncle Cruisers distillate cartridge is the best budget brand I’ve enjoyed since the Woodstock cartridges

In conclusion, Fun Uncle Cruisers are recommended for their above-average potency, solid flavor, and extremely affordable price. At a low price, it beats both the Surplus purified live resin and Leune Brand distillate for a similar quality in terms of flavor, potency and effects. As a result, I would definitely check out their budget eighths, concentrates, and live resin cartridges in the future. In addition, I would also recommend the Caliva brand for their flower eighths, Pax pods, and cartridges. Caliva sells flower eighths, concentrates, and Pax pods as well as other popular brands through their own store and delivery services here.

Have you tried these carts? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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