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Puffco Peak Quartz Bowls: Here Are The Best Priced Bowls Listed By Price


The Puffco Peak has become a very popular portable eRig. Quartz is the preferred method for most dabbers over the default ceramic included with the Peak. Quartz bowl replacement can be expensive, so here we go through all the Puffco Peak quartz bowls we could find and list them here for you.

UPDATE 4/18/2019: Puffco is now facing a lawsuit over the Peak dab rig.

Ceramic is very popular with oil pen users, but not so much anymore among dabbers. The only person that seems to prefer ceramic over quartz for dabbing is Puffco’s founder The Rog. Ask anybody else, and they will go with quartz.

Puffco Peak Bowl Guide: Quartz replacements and where to buy them

This list of Puffco Peak bowls will be continuously updated. It is sorted based on price of the replacement.

Price  Seller   Product Page
$7.56 (for two)  DHgate Generic Puffco Peak bowl
$9.95 Sourcevapes Generic Puffco Peak bowl
$19.95 Sneaky Pete Sneaky Pete’s Peak bowl
$40.00 The Dab Lab Halen Quartz Peak Bowl
$40.00 and up Eternal Quartz EQ Peak Bowls


Here is the cheapest shipping from Canada (check out our Canada Cannabis events

page you
Canucks!)  It appears the Canadian shipper is actually also run by Sneaky Pete, it is just his Canadian website. Ordering direct from China requires you to order two different bowls, but even then it is cheaper to get two then one from the U.S. There are some DHgate complaints that you might be waiting up to get it delivered via e-Packet delivery.

If we at DabConnection were to pick out of the above listed Peak quartz bowls, we would go with either the Eternal Quartz version of the Sorucevapes version. On the EQ you know you are getting high end and on the Sourcevapes one you are getting the best deal, but still can deal with the support of a US-based company if needed.

See a bowl listed somewhere else that is not on here? Do you have an experience using any of the above products? Let us know below in the comments!

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