Smilyn Happy Mush Mushroom Gummies | A Psychedelic Liftoff

Your humble author has taken quite an adventurous approach to investigating the newly legalized mushroom market. Starting from paltry doses…

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The Plant People Mushroom Gummy Supplements | A+ Nootropic Potential

The fascinating thing about mushrooms and the fungi kingdom in general is the astounding variety of species and their effects.…

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Rare Cannabinoid Company Gummies – The Worst I’ve Ever Had

These Rare Cannabinoid Company gummies taste awful and have almost zero effects. All that for 50 dollars does not sound…

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Kushy Dreams Delta 9 Gummies Review – Good Quality

Kushy Dreams Delta 9 THC Gummies have redefined the edible experience with their exceptional quality, tantalizing flavors, consistent dosing, and…

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Galaxy Treats Moon Shrooms Amanita Gummies | Nil Potency

Here we go again with another installment of Pete’s exploration of the mushroom kingdom. With every cannabis company and their…

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Mushroom Lyfe Euphoric Mushroom Gummies | Finally I Tripped!

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Penguin Pete finally hit the psychedelic threshold! For those of you who have been…

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Tillmans Tranquils Gummies and Mints Review – Decent Effects and Flavor

We would recommend these Tillmans Tranquils edibles if you are looking for something to help with body aches throughout the…

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Minnesota Nice Botanicals Amanita Shroom Gummies | Insightful Effects

Penguin Pete here again, back from my latest mushroom adventure. We have a row of Amanita Muscaria + Pantheria (and…

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Delta Extrax THCjd+THCH Gummies Review – Delightfully Effective

When it comes to elevating the cannabis experience, Delta Extrax consistently raises the bar, and their Mystery Flavor and Purple…

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Delta Extrax Adios Blend Gummies | Punchy and Effective

We were somewhere around Altoona, on the edge of the cornfields, when the gummies from Delta Extrax - Adios Blend…

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Tips To Get the Most From Cannabis Edibles

Here at the web’s most trusted, unbought cannabis review website, we have reviewed a mighty pile o’ edibles. Whoo-wee, we…

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Primary Jane Cart and Gummies Review – Absolutely Lovely

So far I love everything about Primary Jane and its products. Two calm, happy, rested thumbs way up. Highly recommended.

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Royal Remedies Delta 9 Gummies Review – Flavorful but Weak

Royal Remedies Delta 9 gummies are flavorful but weak

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Plain Jane CBD/CBN Sleep Gummies Review – Very Effective

Plain Jane CBN Sleep Gummies are tasty, well made and will help you with your insomnia.

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Stiiizy Hemp X-Blend Sampler | Good Products, But a Few Notes

Could there be a more storied brand than Stiiizy? Over the years, we’ve kept close tabs on the brand through…

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TRE House THC-P Disposables and Gummies Review – Lovely Stuff

Always excited to get something from Ethereal Gold I have reviewed a number of vapes lately and purchased a few…

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Botany Farms Gummies & Prerolls | Consistent Best Quality

How are all my beautiful cosmic blueberries on Spaceship Earth? We're 48 hours away from 4/20 as we write. And…

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Smilyn Edibles Revisited | A Mixed Basket

Smilyn is a name brand in cannabis products well-known to our frequent readers. Among several reviews by our staff, we've…

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