Trulieve Paradise Waits Flower Review – Good Quality and Smell


Trulieve is a medical marijuana dispensary leading the industry in Florida with 78 convenient locations throughout the state. They currently offer a wide variety of flowers, cartridges, edibles, concentrates, distillates, and topicals. Also, they have accessories and a clothing line.


  • Price
  • Good quality
  • Good smell


  • Dry

Recommendations: None

Paradise Wait is a mysterious creation

Today, I will be reviewing a Flower strain called Paradise Waits. Paradise Waits is one of many mysterious creations coming out of Humboldt County, CA. The team at Scarlet Fire Farms crossed their very own strain Scarlet Fire with Harlequin and Paradise Waits was born. The potency might vary, some reports have stated that had THC levels as high as 29%.

Getting your hands on real Paradise Waits seeds or clones is not really an option. Scarlet Fire Farms is a family-run operation who only grow using organic materials and are not likely to sell their seeds to whomever. So when I found out Trulieve had them on their “minis” (small buds) section last Monday at $27 an eight!!! I definitely had to place an order and bought a couple of jars.


  • Uplifting                                                                        
  • Euphoric 
  • Happy                                                                          
  •  Relaxed
  • Creative                                            
  • Minimal Munchies

The THC levels are 22.167%

The CBD levels are 0.000%

The dominant terpene is myrcene but also contains caryophyllene, pinene, limonelle, linaleol.

This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid

At Trulieve this strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. The Color of the flower is light lime green with a lot of shiny golden trichomes. The trichomes at certain angles give the nugs an awesome wet-like look. Don’t forget the flaming orange pistils all over the flower buds. One thing I didn’t like was the buds weren’t sticky and were a bit dry.

The smell is really piney with strong orange citrus scents. When the nugs were broken down a “danky” gassy aroma mixed with a stronger citrusy more lemony smell. It reminded me a lot of “Lemon OG Kush” I got from Trulieve before. 

When smoked the Citrus and gassy flavors turned into a skunky phunky tropical explosion of flavors. The smoke is smooth and even when taking huge bong rips; I didn’t get a coughing fit or felt it was rough on my throat. The effects were awesome! I felt relaxed and I was super mellow, in a happy mood. It really helped me with my anxiety. My day went smooth, I stayed home, watched movies, even took a nap. I would recommend this strain if you have insomnia or suffer from anxiety.  

Concluding our review

In conclusion, adding all the Pros and Cons I give this flower strain a 7. The price is awesome at $27 for an eight! When it comes to flavor and fragrance this strain is where it’s at. Now as far as the freshness of the bud Trulieve dates, every batch is numbered to ensure their product is not old but the bud still feels dry! In my opinion, they should consider changing their packaging or maybe add some Boveda packs to maintain humidity at proper levels so the flower stays fresh. Other than the bud feeling dry everything else was awesome, from the flavor to the price to the effects. 

This is a strain I would recommend you use if you don’t have much to do that day or if you plan to stay home and relax. The effects are really calming and as mentioned before if you have anxiety or problems sleeping a few hits of this will solve the problem!

So how to know if this product is good? Will I buy it again?

If you’re asking if I will continue to buy this product the answer is Yes.

You can find out more about Trulieve products here. Have you tried their hybrid flowers? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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