Stache Transparent Battery Review – Cheap and Gets the Job Done


This week we will take a look at the Stache Transparent battery


  • Hits smooth
  • Cheap
  • Nice look


  • Made of not durable plastic
  • Broke after one fall

Recommendations:   Some better material would be nice

90’s Groove

The Stache Transparent 510 Battery, inspired by the sleek design of 90’s electronics, offers vaping enthusiasts a convenient and reliable solution for on-the-go vaping sessions. With its universal threading compatibility and impressive 400mAh battery capacity, this device ensures a long-lasting vaping experience that won’t disappoint.

One notable feature of the Stache Transparent battery is its Dual Copper Rod Power Injection system, which delivers consistent power output for satisfying hits every time. The inclusion of a preheat function further enhances user experience, allowing for smoother draws and optimal flavor delivery.

Despite being constructed from lightweight plastic, the device offers a good balance of durability and portability. While it may not withstand heavy impacts, its sturdy build ensures longevity with proper care.

Affordable and hits smoothly

The Transparent 510 Battery boasts excellent airflow, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you prefer thick clouds or flavorful hits, this device delivers on both fronts.

At a reasonable price of $14.99, the Stache Transparent battery offers great value for money, especially considering its features and performance. Additionally, the variety of transparent color options – blue, black, pink, green, purple, and red – allows users to express their personal style while enjoying their favorite vaping flavors.

Concluding this review

In summary, the Stache Transparent 510 Battery is a solid choice for vapers seeking a reliable, affordable, and stylish device for on-the-go vaping sessions. Its impressive battery life, convenient features, and sleek design make it a must-have for any vaping enthusiast.

You can find out more about the Stache products here.

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Bert Blaze

Bert has over 10 years experience in cannabis, vape and law. He has managed a dispensary, participated in product development, testing and legal research. He hits mostly vape cartridges and joints. He prefers nice distillates and wickless carts. In addition to reviewing products in California, Colorado, and Nevada, Bert is the editor of DabConnection.

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