Vivant VLeaf Go – Simple, Discrete On Demand Dry Herb Vaporizer


Here we have the VLeaf Go dry herb vaporizer, made by Vivant. This vaporizer is one of the first, on-demand vaporizers that heats up as quickly and just as efficiently. Taking only seconds to heat up your dry herb, this vaporizer is ideal for cannabis lovers looking for simplicity and convenience.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • On-demand vaporizing
  • Heats up quickly under 30 seconds
  • Burns efficiently
  • Can use with a water-pipe, without the need of an adaptor


  • Small pack
  • Better for personal sessions

Recommendations: Provide a bigger and wider pack for your herbs.

Vivant VLeaf Go is a simple, easy to use vaporizer that provides quick heat up

As mentioned earlier, the Vleaf Go is one of the first dry herb vaporizers that provides on-demand vaping. Heating up your herbs in less than 30 seconds, this vaporizer is great for on-the-go sessions. Also, with most dry herb vaporizers, they will heat up and stay heating until you’re done with your session. But with this vaporizer, you’re in control when hitting and heating it up with the button.

Everything inside:

The packaging and everything inside.

The Vleaf Go provides you with everything you need to help maintain your vaporizer:

  • Vleaf Go vaporizer
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cable
  • Silicone mouth-piece cover
  • Air cooler (Extra)
  • O-rings and mesh(rings) (Extra)
  • Chamber (Extra)

How to use the VLeaf Go


this vaporizer is very simple and easy to use. All you do is press and hold the button, then vape. You don’t have to wait as long as other vaporizers to heat up. Below explains more in-depth on how to use this device:

  1. Open the mouthpiece and pack your herbs, use the pick from the mouthpiece
  2. 5 clicks to turn on
  3. Press the button 2 times to adjust the temperature setting
  4. From there, simply press and hold the button to start vaping on demand
  5. (Optional) Click 3 times for a 30-second session mode

Design and Build Quality: Simple, portable, and discrete

The design itself is pretty simple, the mouth-piece comes with a convenient tool attached to it.

The design of this vaporizer is pretty simple but very effective. Having the design of a vape pen, it is a bit bigger and wider than a typical dab pen. This vaporizer is easy to carry around and provides a comfortable feel, its portability makes it convenient. 

Furthermore, the built design of the mouthpiece, where it goes downwards to close, is meant for picking and packing your dry herb into the vaporizer. This makes it very easy to pack on the go, emptying out your leftover herbs, or unclog the vaporizer itself. 

Not the biggest chamber, but good airflow and very efficient

The chamber itself isn’t really as big of a pack but great for single user sessions.

Looking at the chamber itself, it isn’t a very big chamber. It’s more for a personal session, but you can still get the most out of your personal session with it. The VLeaf Go is efficient and gives great effects with just a single pack. Within just a single session, you will get a decent amount of hits. 

The airflow on this vaporizer is fair and doesn’t clog up easily. As with any other dry herb vaporizer, overpacking it will get it clogged. But when packing generously, the airflow will be nice and smooth. Underneath the mouthpiece is an air cooler attached to a mesh, preventing any herbs from going through.

The efficiency on the VLeaf Go is great, vaporizes all of your herbs until it gets a brown color, as shown above.

Quick heat up, and fairly thick clouds

The VLeaf Go is one of the only vaporizers I’ve used that heats up within less than 30 seconds. With most typical dry herb vapes, you usually have to wait sometime to heat up before you can hit it. But with this vaporizer, you can just press and hold the button, and start vaping within seconds. 

You will get some fairly thick clouds, especially using with a water pipe. This vaporizer gives you three options to pick

from the temperature settings, green(low), yellow(medium), and red(high). The first two options are more for taste, you won’t get much thick smoke out of it. At high temperature, long and consistent hits can give some fair clouds.

VLeaf Go can be vaporized through a water pipe, without an adaptor

When using with a water pipe. you will get the best and optimal hits.

Using this vaporizer with the right water pipe will give you great hits. Almost like a mini bong rip, it surprisingly provides nice and strong hits. It may not work with any water pipe but should work well with a bong and most rigs. What’s great about the VLeaf Go is you don’t need an extra adaptor if you want to use it with a water pipe. Unlike most portable vaporizers, you just hit it like regular, and you will get stronger and more effective hits.

Comparing VLeaf Go with the Vivant Ambit

The efficiency and performance of both of these vaporizers are great.

Both dry herb vaporizers made by Vivant, they’re effective but have their pros and cons. They both are simple vaporizers that give great and efficient hits. The VLeaf Go does heat up much quicker than the Ambit. And I also like how the stir tool is attached to the mouthpiece. But I like how I can set my temperature settings with the Ambit. The Vivant Ambit also has a bigger chamber, but both are very efficient and effective.

For its value, good vaporizer for an on-demand experience

The VLeaf Go is currently at $69, which is a fair price and value for a dry herb vaporizer. Around this price range is where you can find quality and inexpensive dry herb vaporizers. Most high-quality vaporizers will cost anything above $100 but at this price range, it’s not that bad for its convenience and effectiveness. Dry herb vaporizers aren’t for everyone, but this vaporizer is great for cannabis lovers looking to vaporize their herbs quickly and efficiently.

Summarizing the Vivant VLeaf Go vaporizer

Overall, the VLeaf Go is a simple, easy-to-use vaporizer that delivers an efficient and effective experience. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that delivers better quality hits, the Utillian brand provides great vaporizers. The Utillian 620 delivers efficient hits and even thicker smoke, but it’s a bigger vaporizer and is higher in price. But for its build quality, the VLeaf Go is great if you’re looking for a vaporizer that heats up quickly. You can learn more about the VLeaf Go and purchase them on Vivant’s website, here.

What’s your experience with the Vivant? Want to share your overall experience with dry herb vaporizers? Post your experiences in our forum!

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