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Runtz Extracts Review – Good Taste and Aroma


Today we will take a look at Runtz, one of the latest collaborative brands to come out of Cookies Enterprises. So far, we covered some of the concentrates from Lemonnade and Minntz, both of which are collaborations with Cookies Enterprises. Runtz currently offers flower eighths, cartridges, and concentrates at most dispensaries in California and Oregon as well as most Cookies and Lemonnade locations in Los Angeles, Portland, and Washington. For this review, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Runtz live resin sugar.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great taste/aroma
  • Good potency/effects
  • Very smooth


  • Not quite as potent as other live resin concentrates

Recommendations: The potency of the live resin sugar could be improved.

Runtz extracts are similar in appearance to the other sugars from Lemonnade, Minntz, Cannatique Concentrates

This week, I picked up two of their strains, Apple Runtz and Hawaiian Runtz. Apple Runtz is believed to be an Indica dominant hybrid between

White Runtz and Apple Fritter. Taking the end of the year spotlight, Runtz won this year’s Leafly strain of the year. The appearance of this sugar with small to medium THC-A crystals covered in a thin HTE layer, similar to the other live resin sugars from Lemonnade, Minntz, and Cannatique Concentrates.

More potent than Lemonnade, weaker than Minntz and Cannatique

The candy-like aroma of Apple Runtz is sweet, fruity, and floral with hints of sour apple jolly ranchers, lime-flavored skittles, and sweet tarts. The taste is equally sweet and fruity with creamy hints of sour apple and lime-flavored candy. The effects of Runtz felt uplifting, relaxing, and sleepy as time wore on. However, the taste and potency of Apple Runtz is slightly weaker than the live resin sugar from Minntz and Cannatique Concentrates. The THC % of Apple Runtz is 69.38% and the delta-9 THC is 9.06%. Both live resin sugars felt much more potent than the Lemonnade Lychee sugar and Tangeray badder.

Slightly tastier but just as potent as Nug, Guild Extracts, and Terp Hogz

This week, I also picked up Hawaiian Runtz, which is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid between Hawaiian and Pink Runtz. The pungent aroma of Hawaiian Runtz is even sweeter, pungent, and more floral than Apple Runtz. The taste is like a refreshing Hawaiian fruit punch with floral notes on the exhale. After some cerebral euphoria, the effects of Hawaiian Runtz felt uplifting, relaxing, and focused as I was able to remain productive throughout the day. The THC % of Hawaiian Runtz is 76.55% and the delta-9 THC is 5.91%. 

Almost as tasty but not quite as potent as Wonderbrett, Synergy, and Cali Stripe

Both live resin sugars were slightly tastier but just as potent as the live resin concentrates from Nug, Guild Extracts, and Terp Hogz in terms of flavor, potency and effects. But they were also almost as tasty as the top-tier live resin concentrates from

Wonderbrett, Synergy, and Cali Stripe Concentrates, but not quite as potent. 

Runtz live resin sugar is recommended for its quality, taste, and smoothness

Most Runtz concentrates, which include their badder, sugar, and diamonds, are priced roughly around 60-70, pre-tax. In my opinion, this is a very solid recommendation for its quality, taste and smoothness. While its overall potency could be improved, I really enjoyed the taste of both live sugars. In terms of flavor, Apple Runtz and Hawaiian Runtz are some of the tastiest concentrates I’ve had so far this year. However, Minntz still feels like the strongest and most potent of the Cookies collaborative brands.

Concluding our review…

In conclusion, this would be a definite recommendation, simply for taste and smoothness alone. However, Runtz live sugar is slightly weaker than Minntz, but stronger than Lemonade live badder and sugar. Overall, I would recommend Apple Runtz and Hawaiian Runtz, two of the tastiest concentrates I’ve had so far this year. Runtz might be my second favorite Cookies brand after Minntz, which still felt stronger than Runtz. Although the Runtz is weaker in potency, it makes up for that with its delicious taste. They currently offer flower eighths, cartridges, and concentrates at most dispensaries in California and Oregon as well as most Cookies and Lemonnade locations in Los Angeles, Portland, and Washington.

Readers, how do you like Runtz Live Sugar? Pour your heart out here in the comments or in our forum.


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