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Nug Live Resin Review – Quality Flower And Concentrates


Today I will take a look at Nug premium live resin concentrates, which I have been wanting to try since some consider the new Nug live resin almost as good as WOX/URSA. I have enjoyed the Nug brand flower and the Nug edibles on several occasions for the last couple of years. Nug offers a variety of products for cannabis users, including flower eighths, cartridges, pre-rolls, and edibles. Nug also has several retail stores in San Leandro, Sacramento, Redding, and Oakland. This Fog Berry live resin concentrate was sourced from Eel River Organics. For this review, I will look at the pros and cons of the Nug Fog Berry live resin concentrate.


  • Great quality
  • Strong potency/effects
  • Full-spectrum entourage effects
  • Affordable prices


  • None

Recommendations: None

The size of the diamonds in this live resin is small to medium

Fog Berry has won several major awards including The Emerald Cup in 2017 and 2018 in the Concentrates category. Fog Berry is a different phenotype of

Ancient OG, which is a mostly Indica cross between Snow Lotus and an Iranian landrace. The small to medium-sized diamonds are similar in size and appearance to Terp Hogz Larry Zlushe as well as some of Wox/Ursa diamonds found in their live resin sauce. The consistency of this live resin is easy to handle due to the size of the THCA diamonds that are found within this sauce. This live resin was less saucy than most live resin, almost identical to the look of Terp Hogz Larry Zlushe. 

Tasty as Terp Hogz, Grandiflora Genetics, and Synergy, tastier than Lemonnade

The aroma of Fog Berry is sweet, fruity, and floral with earthy hints of berries, lavender, and pine. The taste is also sweet and fruity, but slightly earthier and more floral. The taste has the same kind of floral earthiness with fruity sweetness as some of the Terp Hogz live resin I’ve had. Overall, this is almost as tasty as Terp Hogz, Grandiflora Genetics, and Synergy at a price range similar to 101 Cannabis Co. and Tumbleweed Extracts. This live resin was slightly tastier than the Lemonnade Tangeray.

Potent as Terp Hogz, Grandiflora Genetics, and Synergy, more potent than 101 Cannabis Co. Sundae Driver

In terms of potency, that is where Nug Fog Berry shines as the effects of this strain are relaxing, creative, and euphoric. This is perfect for a lazy afternoon or for a Netflix binge-watch. This live resin was almost as potent as

Terp Hogz, Grandiflora Genetics, and Synergy at a much more affordable price, closer to the price of Tumbleweed Extracts live resin diamonds in Nevada. The potency of the Nug live resin felt as strong as some of the diamonds I’ve had in both California and Nevada, including Grandiflora Genetics. This live resin was also a bit more potent than the 101 Cannabis Co. Sundae Driver.

Price is similar to PFFN concentrates and 101 Cannabis Co.

The price is also where this Nug live resin shines since this is one of the more affordable choices in most dispensaries in California. The price is similar to PFFN concentrates and 101 Cannabis Co. depending on where you live in California. In my opinion, this is one of the best reasonably-priced live resin concentrates. I would recommend Nug live resin, which is absolutely worth picking up for the potency, taste, and value. The THC % is 71.98%, the CBD % is 0.2%, and the total cannabinoids % is 85.06%. This live resin felt full-spectrum with strong entourage effects. It helped me deal with symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia.


Nug is one of the best live resin concentrates at an affordable price

Nug offers one of the best recent live resin concentrates I’ve had in the past month for a very affordable price. Overall, I would recommend Fog Berry for its potency, taste, smoothness, and value, which won several awards including The Emerald Cup in 2017 and 2018 Concentrates category. This has strong entourage effects as this live resin is full of small to medium-sized THC-A diamonds, similar to Terp Hogz Larry Zlushe and some of Wox/Ursa diamonds found in their live resin sauce. I would also recommend their choices of flower, which is as good or better than any top-shelf dispensary choices available in California. Most Nug products are currently available at most dispensaries in California, where they have their own retail stores located in San Leandro, Sacramento, Redding, and Oakland.

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