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Loudpack Live Resin Review – Potent and Affordable


Today we’ll take a look at Loudpack Extracts from Loudpack Farms. Loudpack Farms is also responsible for Kingpen, Dimebag, and Smokiez Edibles. Loudpack currently offers flower eighths, concentrates, disposable vapes, and Pax Pods. I’ve previously enjoyed Loudpack flower and their Loudpack Legacy selection of live resin cultivated by Emerald Queen Farms. This week, I was impressed by the improved quality of this company, so I picked up quite a few strains. I’ve been enjoying their live resin badder and sugar this past week. For this review, I’ll look at the pros and cons of Loudpack Extracts live resin.


  • Excellent oil quality
  • Great taste
  • Amazing potency
  • Affordable prices


  • None

Recommendations: None


The look of Gasolina was similar to Korova live badder while the Mango Brulee was similar to Friendly Farms cured sauce

This week, I picked out a few strains from Loudpack, but we’ll take a look at the

Gasolina live badder and Mango Brulee live sugar for this review. Gasolina is a mysterious hybrid strain believed to be an OG phototype. The look of the Gasolina live badder looks pale yellow, similar to the Korova live resin badder I had earlier this month. The smooth butter-like consistency of the Gasolina live resin badder was perfect for wax pens and E-rigs with little to no issues. 

Tastier than the 101 Cannabis Co., the Live Resin Project, and PFFN Concentrates

The aroma of Gasolina is earthy, spicy, and skunky with hints of citrus, pine, and diesel. The taste was similarly earthy, floral, and spicy with subtle hints of cherries, pine, and diesel on the exhale. This strain is perfect for nighttime use as its relaxing properties leave you in a calm, mellow and sleepy state. This Gasolina live badder was also tastier than the 101 Cannabis Co., the Live Resin Project, and PFFN Concentrates. The THC % of Gasolina is 72.35% and the CBD % is 0.15%.

Slightly stronger than the Korova Brawndo live resin badder and the Friendly Farms Blue Slush cured resin sauce

Mango Brulee is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross between Mango and Creme Brulee. The look of the Mango Brulee live resin sugar looks similar to the Friendly Farms cured sauce, yet less saucy. The aroma of Mango Brulee is sweet, fruity, and floral with tropical notes of mangos, peaches, and tangerines. The flavor of Mango Brulee was similar to its aroma with creamy vanilla on the exhale. This euphoric hybrid strain was great for any time of day and perfect as a wake and bake session in the morning. This Mango Brulee was slightly stronger than the Korova Brawndo live resin badder and the Friendly Farms Blue Slush cured resin sauce that I also had earlier this month. The THC % of Mango Brulee is 73.71% and the CBD % is 0.13%. 

You can see the Loudpack lab results here: Loudpack Gasolina  Loudpack Mango Brulee

Lava Cake, Wedding Cake & Gasolina is recommended for potency, Passion Orange Guava and Mango Brulee is recommended for taste

The pricing for Loudpack live resin is usually retailed around $32 or less for a gram, pre-tax. In my opinion, this was the best live resin wax I’ve had this month, tastier than Korova and slightly stronger than Friendly Farms cured resin sauce. In addition, I would highly recommend the potency of their Wedding Cake live resin badder and their Lava Cake live sugar if you enjoy the potency of the Gasolina live resin badder. For fans of more tropical and fruity flavors, I would also recommend their Passion Orange Guava live resin badder.

Overall, Loudpack live resin is highly recommended

In conclusion, Loudpack live resin is highly recommended for its delicious flavor, amazing potency, and its affordable price. Overall, Loudpack live resin felt tastier than Korova live resin badder and slightly more potent than Friendly Farms cured sauce. In my opinion, Loudpack Extracts is easily one of the most reliable and affordable concentrate brands you can find in California. Loudpack flower eighths, concentrates, disposable vapes, and Pax Pods can be found with their store locator here.

What do you think about Loudpack live resin? Have you tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments or on our forum.

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