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Lemonnade Diamonds Review – Good Quality For Diamonds


Today we will take another look at Lemonnade, which is the sister brand to Cookies Enterprises that primarily specializes in sativa and sativa-dominant strains. Lemonnade is also an ever-expanding cannabis brand in California, recently opening its retail stores in California and Oregon.


  • Excellent quality for diamonds
  • Great potency/effects for diamonds
  • Great entourage effects for diamonds


  • None for diamonds
  • The badder/sugar is a bit overpriced

Recommendations: I would love to see either higher THC % and total cannabinoids %. Or less expensive prices for some of your live resin concentrates, which include your badder and sugar.

Lemonnade Tangeray live badder was slightly disappointing

Previously, I had reviewed the Lemonnade Tangeray live badder, which left me slightly disappointed in its lack of potency. Although I was slightly disappointed in their live badder, I wanted to give them a second chance by trying their diamonds, which I prefer for their potency. I had their cartridges which I’ve enjoyed in the past, including Medellin and Yellow Fruit Stripes. I have also tried their Lychee live resin sugar this week as well. However, I will look at the pros and cons of the Lions Mane diamonds from Lemonnade for this review.

* Editor note: Some Western readers may not be familiar with lychee. Lychee is a berry-like fruit from a tropical tree native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of southeastern China. Its fruit is white in color, and commonly encountered served as a dessert in a sweet syrup at Asian buffets.

Lions Mane is a strain that was named after a fungus used to treat depression

This week, I picked up their Lemonnade Lions Mane Diamonds, which gets its name from a fungus used to treat depression. The size of the clear translucent diamonds is mostly small to medium size THC-A crystals covered in a thin layer of live resin sauce, very similar to the THC-A crystals found in the live resin diamonds from Grandiflora Genetics and Cannatique Concentrentrates. 

Lion’s mane tastes sweet and herbal with tropical notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and lemon.

Lions Mane diamonds tastes better than the Tangeray live badder

The sweet, tart and floral aroma of Lions Mane carries spicy and earthy hints of lemon chamomile, sweet and sour lemon candy, and tropical citrus fruits. The taste is similarly sweet and herbal with tropical notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and lemon chamomile with a minty, piney aftertaste. The taste of the Lions Mane diamonds was more enjoyable than the Tangeray live badder. However, the Cannatique Blueberry Cruffin, the

Cali Stripe diamond sauce, and Grandiflora diamonds were tastier than Lemonnnade Lions Mane diamonds.

Lion Mane diamonds would be enjoyed by experienced users

The effects of Lions Mane are uplifting, euphoric, and focused yet slightly relaxing. That makes it perfect for creative tasks as it is also mentally stimulating as well. The Lions Mane diamonds were definitely more potent than The Tangeray live badder as well as the Lychee sugar I had this week. Tangeray live badder is great for beginners. Lychee sugar is great for immediate users.  The Lion Mane diamonds would be enjoyed by experienced users. 

The Lions Mane diamonds was perfect for daytime use

The THC % of the Lions Mane diamonds are 83.43% and the total cannabinoids are not listed. The Lions Mane diamonds were perfect for daytime use and were also used for chronic pain, stress, and fatigue, especially preparing for the holidays. However, the Cannatique Blueberry Cruffin, the Cali Stripe diamond sauce, and Grandiflora diamonds were more potent than Lemonnnade Lions Mane Diamonds.

The Lemonnade diamonds are easily the best product from their line-up

The pricing for the Lemonnade diamonds and sugar is roughly around $60 pre-tax. In my opinion, the Lemonnade diamonds are worth the price, but you could find better, more potent sugar and badder for more reasonable prices. The Lemonnade diamonds are easily the best product from their line-up so far as I preferred the Lions Mane Diamonds over the Lychee sugar and Tangeray badder.


Lions Mane diamonds wins for potency, Lychee sugar wins for taste and smoothness

In conclusion, the Lion’s Mane wins for potency while the Lychee sugar wins for taste and smoothness. Overall, Lemonnade is worth checking out if available in your area. Especially if you’re a fan of Sativa and Sativa dominant strains. I would recommend the Lemonnade sugar for intermediate smokers. The Lemonnade live badder is ideal for users of low tolerance and occasional cannabis smoker. Most Lemonnade products are currently available at most dispensaries in California and Oregon, where they have their own retail dispensaries in Los Angeles and Portland.

What are your thoughts on Lemonnade diamonds? As always you can post a comment below or post in our forum!

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