Smilyn THC-O Disposable Review – Potent Yet Slightly Harsh


Today we will take a look at THC-O live resin disposables from Smilyn Hemp. Smilyn Hemp also has a variety of wellness brands that offer products with CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THC-O, THC-P, and/or HHC. Smilyn Hemp provided us with a sample of their 2-gram THC-O disposable and 2 grams of Delta-8 diamonds. Prior to this review, we have previously reviewed the Delta-8 diamonds from Smilyn Hemp here and their HHC disposables here. For this review, I will try their Kush Mint THC-O live resin disposable.

Check out our video review of the Smilyn THC-O Disposable here.


  • Sleek design
  • Strong potency
  • Solid battery strength
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Affordable prices


  • Tastes slightly harsh

Recommendations: Fix voltage setting feature.

The ingredients for Smilyn Hemp THC-O live resin disposables consist of THC-O & Delta-8 oil with natural terpenes

THC-O is one of the more recent popular alternative cannabinoids that is derived from hemp. THC-O, also known as THC-O acetate, is manufactured by using acetic anhydride. It’s a colorless liquid that is combined with Delta-8 to produce THC-O. The sleek packaging for the two-gram THC-O disposables from Smilyn Hemp certainly stands out with its wavy pattern design with its brand name in bold letters. Each type of strain for their disposable is color-coded. For instance, the Indica

disposable (Kush Mint) is in a blue box, the hybrid (Bacio) is in a green box, and the Sativa (Honeydew Funk) is in an orange box. On the back of the packaging, the ingredients for Smilyn Hemp THC-O disposables is listed as a mixture of hemp-derived THC-O distillate and Delta-8 oil with natural terpenes.

Smilyn Hemp THC-O live resin disposables also feature variable voltage settings, similar to Hellfire disposables

Similar to the Hellfire Delta-10 disposables, press the power button five times quickly to turn on the device. Likewise, there are 3 main voltage settings for these disposables. (2.8V – green, 3.2V – blue, 3.6V – red) Press the power button three times quickly to switch voltage settings. Press the power button twice quickly to activate the preheat cycle. This 280mAh disposable is also rechargeable with the USB port located on the bottom of the unit.

Unite Close Up

Smilyn Hemp THC-O live resin disposables taste less harsh and artificial than the Dessert Delta-8 disposables

Kush Mint is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. The slightly harsh flavor of the Kush Mints THC-O live resin disposable tastes minty, spicy, and floral with notes of coffee, pine, and earth. While the flavor isn’t as artificial as the Dessert Delta-8 disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp, I still preferred the Hellfire Delta-10 disposables from Smilyn Hemp for better flavor. As it doesn’t quite offer a strong head high, the effects of Kush Mints still provide a calming, uplifting, and relaxing body high. Although the effects felt more potent than the Hellfire Delta-10 disposables, the potency of the HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp felt slightly stronger with better, longer-lasting effects.

Smilyn THC-O disposable usb

Smilyn Hemp THC-O live resin disposables felt slightly weaker and tastes harsher than the HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp

The full retail prices for the 1-gram and 2-gram Smilyn Hemp THC-O disposables are $39.99 and $59.99 per unit, respectively. While the potency of the HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp felt slightly stronger, the Smilyn THC-O disposable was harsher on the throat. The Delta-8 THC % of Kush Mint is 62.48%, the THC-O % is 18.57%, and the total sum of cannabinoid % is 62.69%.

One major caveat: During the use of this disposable, some of the features malfunctioned as I couldn’t switch between voltage settings when pressing the power twice. Additionally, the preheat mode is activated only by pressing the power button three times. However, 3.2v felt sufficiently potent for this disposable, while still producing thick clouds.

Overall, this is a moderate recommendation

Ultimately, Smilyn THC-O disposables are recommended for their sleek design, strong potency, and solid battery strength. While the flavor of Kush Mint tastes a bit too harsh for my taste, I would still try their other strains based on my experience with this one. Additionally, I would like to try one with working variable voltage settings throughout the duration of its use. Currently, you can find all Smilyn Hemp THC-O products on their official website here.

Have you tried Smilyn THC-O disposables? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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