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Furna Vaporizer Review – Great Quality Design, Moderate and Light Hits


The Furna vaporizer is a unique, well-built battery that provides convenience, and a quick and easy pack. Allowing you to pre-pack and take anywhere you go, this vaporizer comes in handy when wanting a quick and ready session. Although the execution of the design and build quality are great, the quality of hits wasn’t as great.


  • Unique in design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Good build quality


  • Not the best performance
  • Light hits
  • High in value/price

Recommendations: Provide stronger and more potent hits.

The Furna vaporizer provides excellent design and presentability, but moderate hits

The Furna vaporizer provides a great quality design and easy portability.

Taking a look at the Furna, it has a great design and build quality to it. Looks sleek, feels smooth, and provides an interesting interchangeable chamber that allows you to vape on the go. Along with the LED lights and the neat features, this battery really is a well-built device. The presentation on it is great.

But after packing and testing out, I realized that it wouldn’t give the best hits. After multiple sessions with different temperature settings, I will always get soft and light hits. Reasonably fair hits, but not the strongest hits nor effects. 

What’s inside the packaging

The Furna provides you with a lot of convenient things to help enhance your experience.
  • The Furna vaporizer
  • 2 dry herb ovens
  • Extra nib colors (purple and blue)
  • Funnel
  • Silicone Cover
  • Multi dab/herb tool keychain
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra screens

The Furna is discrete and portable, good for taking on the go

Allowing for quick and easy packing, you can have your vaporizer ready whenever and wherever you go.

The design of the Furna makes it very convenient and easy to take anywhere you go. You can simply pre-pack ovens, flip it inside-out, and you have a session ready whenever you’d like. You can even have the other oven ready, simply pack and place the cover on top with you. The provided funnel makes it simple to pack and so you won’t make much of a mess. I should mention that it does smell whenever you vaporize your herbs, making it a little less discrete. But the portability on it is good.

Adjustable temperature settings, but still delivers light hits at a high temp

Providing many neat features, you can adjust your temperature settings with the Furna, ranging from 320°F-420°F (160°C-215°C). As with any vaporizer, with light hits, you will get the most taste from the terpenes on your herb. You won’t get much smoke, if any, at a light temperature, but you will definitely get a good taste.

At a high temperature though, you will still get a good taste and hits, but just not as strong as expected. Smooth and fair, but a bit too light for a temperature that high. You can get some fair smoke, but the level of smoke and hits at high temperatures is still very slight. Unlike the Utillian 620

vaporizer, where at a high temperature of 420°F you will get some thick clouds and hits off of it.

The Furna provides efficient sessions, but not the most effective hits

Although the Furna can be very efficient, the quality of hits isn’t as effective. Fair hits, but not very strong.

Packing the Furna, you will get a fairly lasting session. It heats up pretty quickly and vaporizes your herbs quite efficiently. With that being said, this vaporizer doesn’t deliver the most effective or strongest hits. Don’t get me wrong, you will still get some decent hits out of this vaporizer. But in my experience, I would get a lot of moderately light hits. 

Furthermore, to get some fair hits you have to pack it a specific way. First, as with most vaporizers, it is much better to grind up your herbs for the best airflow. Once your herbs are ground up and packed, you’ll have to pack it down, ideally with the key-chain tool provided. Not too packed, but just enough to get the best airflow and hits. After packing a few times, you will get used to it.

Long-lasting battery life of 3,500mAH

The capacity of this battery is 3500 mAH, which is really great for this vaporizer. I could get consistent, long sessions out of this battery, and I wouldn’t even have to charge it as much. Charging it itself is pretty fast, the battery life was never a problem for me.

Value of The Furna Vaporizer: For its price, I was a bit disappointed in the quality of hits

The price for this vaporizer is $236, which is more of a higher-end price. Moreover, the quality of the design and build may be worth it for the Furna. But the quality of hits it provides doesn’t really match up the price. There are many more vaporizers that are much more inexpensive that provide equal if not stronger quality of hits than the Furna itself.

For instance, the Utillian 722 provides great and fascinating hits and is almost half the price of the Furna. Delivering very effective hits, the Utillian brand has many vaporizers that deliver much better hits. The design and quality of the presentation may not be the same, but the way they heat up is much more different. 

In conclusion, if you want to invest in a high-end vaporizer, you should do your research

In conclusion, the Furna is a convenient vaporizer that provides great presentation and built quality but delivers fair hits. At its price, I hoped that it delivers strong and potent hits. As mentioned previously, this vaporizer does deliver reasonable hits, but just very light and moderate hits. You can learn more about the Furna vaporizer on their official website.

Readers, what are your thoughts and experience with the Furna vaporizer? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.

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