Dablamp eRig Revisited | Now Vapes Dry Herb Too!


Hello you dabheads! You might recall the original Dablamp review we did here at Dab Connection back last fall. I had great things to say about it, and it’s been my go-to eRig ever since. It’s been sturdy and reliable, and everything I ask in push-button dabbing convenience – that also lights up my cloud like fog coming off of Dracula’s castle hideout. Long story short – We have the newest model of Dablamp with an extension that also vapes dry herb.

Anybody who’s read this site for a while would know the continuous struggle we have seen manufacturers undergo while trying to invent the perfect dual-use vaporizer. The Dablamp, to my view, has just perfected the easiest way to switch between dabs and flower and back. The Dablamp eRig is listed at their site for $219.

See your Present Author do my senile penguin best to review the rig coherently here.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast heat-up
  • Max airflow with big puffy clouds
  • Smoothest taste of any rig
  • Induction heating is super efficient
  • Bargain price for an eRig (compare to Dr. Dabber Switch at $374.95)
  • Easiest switch between concentrates and herb ever
  • Impressively powerful battery


  • Cleaning is still a pain – (but what eRig isn’t?)
  • Runs a bit hot around the business end (maybe unavoidable)

Recommendations: I’ll repeat my recommend for thermo-sensitive paint, a strap-on thermometer, or whatever it takes to make the heating element end indicate that it’s 800 degrees and hot to the touch. Outside of that, it would look even cooler with more lights and a terp slurper!

Revisiting the Genie of the Dablamp

Here’s the new updated feature: A dry herb cup. If you watched my video, I fumbled this part. I packed the herb into the larger cup, but you’re actually supposed to invert the top part and fill the herb there, then the cap slides on and threads down over it. Also, in fiddling around pre-recording, I also somehow managed to get the herb cup wet. Despite all this, the unit still performed and gave me plenty of puffs of vapor off my first use of the dry herb extension. So I klutzed my way into it and it still worked.

Otherwise, this seems to mostly be the same eRig we know and love. A recap:

The features of the DabLamp include:

  • Heavy-duty 4200mAh battery – takes a few hours to charge up
  • Induction heating – great taste, great effects, great clouds
  • Two use modes – 3-temp smart heating and a manual heat-on-demand
  • Safety cut-off to prevent overheating
  • Audio feedback instead of haptic

The full kit comes with:

  • Battery unit
  • Wall plug-in charger
  • Glass water reservoir
  • Glass nail
  • Glass cup-cap bubble topper
  • Titanium bucket
  • Quartz bucket insert
  • SIC bucket insert
  • Dab tool
  • NEW – dry herb capsule assembly

You haven’t dabbed until you’ve tried induction dabbing!

The taste is rich, full-bodied, and satisfying, no matter if it’s dabs or dry herb. I even tried a chip of hash and for once I dabbed hash that didn’t taste like burning hay. Never chars the material, provided you keep it at a low enough temp. With torch dabbing, you can taste every terpene. With induction dabbing, you can tell all that and also who harvested the bud.

The powerful battery on the Dablamp plus the thick induction coil encircling the cup ensures an even heat-up and consistent results every time. Big, effortless clouds – lit up in your choice of blue, green, or red vapor – are yours at a push of a button. The even and predictable operation makes for an efficient session every time, wasting no material and giving you plenty of vapor off every Mg used.

Switching between extracts and dry herb: Kiss the puck goodbye!

You should all be familiar with the puck by now:

This is a drop-in stainless steel pad, about the size of a shirt button, which many vaporizers use to try to convert a dry herb oven into a concentrate oven. In theory, you take a dry herb vape like, say, the Airvape Leg-Pro:

And they include the puck with this model. You drop the puck into that herb chamber, drip a tiny drop of concentrate on it so it doesn’t spill off the puck, and then vape that. That’s how it’s supposed to work in theory.

In practice, I can never get a puck to work. I have to place the puck levelly inside a circular hole barely wider than its circumference but usually a few cm. deep. Then carefully reach in there with the dab tool to drip the sauce onto the puck… and then the dab tool sticks to the puck! So I’m shaking the dab tool around to drop the puck, but now I’m smearing concentrate all over the inside of the chamber and eventually, inevitably, the puck will fall off upside down into the oven. And now I have concentrate smeared on both sides of the puck, defeating its entire purpose. I end up struggling with it like Donald Duck fighting a beehive.

If you readers out there have the Zen concentration to make that puck work, more power to you.

Bottom line: For me, dexterity is my dump stat, so the Dablamp design provides for the easiest way to switch between concentrates and herb on an eRig (or electronic vaporizer) I’ve found yet. Really, it’s just like switching between a flower bowl and a banger on a glass analog rig.

No other eRig on the market has this unique set of features

Between the induction heating, the versatility, and the relatively compact form factor and ease of use, nothing else on the dab rig market really comes close to the Dablamp. At $219, it’s also at the most reasonable end of eRig price ranges.

On top of all that: It looks cool! The light makes the entire glass chamber light up, and the design is rounded and elegant. It’s classical enough to be charming, but sophisticated enough that it wouldn’t be out of place at the Mos Eisley cantina. Some slug-person alien vaping out of it before he starts a fight with Han Solo.

Readers, tell us: Do you struggle with the puck too, or is Pete just a thumb-fingered bubblehead? Natter away in the coms or in the forum of no return.


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