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High Five Duo Review – Great Portable Electronic Dab Rig


Today we look at the High Five Duo, a portable electronic dab rig. We’ll detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. The High Five Duo currently sells for $300. It is a very intuitive e-rig that gives you control over the length of session time and a wide range of variable temperature control.


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • User-friendly features
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for heavy and light users


  • Too bulky for travel
  • Glass alignment with the base for proper airflow

Recommendation: Better glass alignment would be great.

The High Five Duo e-Rig is an excellent performing and well-built product at a better price

From the build quality to performance, the High Five Duo hits high marks on all points. It’s also substantially cheaper than the offerings from other more known companies like Kandypens’ Oura and the Puffco Peak which faced a lawsuit over the atomizers failing. We will explain why the High Five Duo is one of the best e-Rigs we have reviewed on DabConnection.

The High Five Duo has a sturdy base and design w/ nice glass

The Duo rig comes with seven pieces. There’s the device itself, glass bubbler mouthpiece, base cover, 2 bowls, a carb cap, and a dab tool. Once you assemble the Duo, it comes down to two main pieces, which is

the base and the glass bubbler. The base of the rig is solid and sturdy. It may be a little too bulky to take to the beach or in public. The glass bubbler mouthpiece is really nice and has terrific airflow. It has an opening that has to be aligned with the hole at the base of the glass bubbler. 

high five duo box looks pretty neat

The High Five Duo has a bulky yet simple design

The base of the High Five Duo is very strong and sturdy with a nicely designed glass piece. The Duo is well designed for any kind of consumer because it is easy to use, clean, and maintain. The Duo provides strong milky hits based on the widely adjustable temp control. The temperature control on the Duo is easily the strongest draw for the consumer. 

High Five Duo has a bulky yet simple design

The temperature control on the Duo is its strongest asset

The temperature goes from 350 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the hit can extend to 60 secs. which is a valuable asset for heavy users with a high tolerance. You turn on the Duo by pressing the on/off button five times. You can adjust which lights are turned on or off on the Duo. Also, you can adjust the brightness and color style of the lights. The heating cycle on the Duo is activated when you hold down the power button. When it vibrates, you let go of the button. Wait for the screen that shows “Heating” until it says “At Temp,” then you can start your session.

Interesting shape for the High Five Duo

The High Five Duo has two different bowls

The High Five Duo comes with two different bowls, one titanium and one quartz. The titanium quartz is better than the quartz for live resin and sauces. The quartz bowl is better for hash rosin or live rosin. The titanium and quartz bowls are very easy to clean, maintain, and change. Other parts of the rig, like the base cover, carb cap, and dab tool, are easy to clean as well.

The back of the box shows the break down on how it works.

The High Five Duo is very user-friendly

Live resin and other concentrates are easy to load into the bowl. You should move any concentrate away from the side of the airhole with your dab tool to prevent spillage. All the parts are easy to assemble and disassemble in order to use the rig. Its only drawback is its bulky design when traveling with the rig. It does comes with a carrying case where all the pieces can be disassembled and placed into the case.

All the parts that come in the High Five Duo eRig box.

The maintenance of the rig is very easy and convenient

The High Five Duo is easy to clean and maintain, but you have to be careful with the glass piece. The inner part of the glass bubbler can break if dropped. All you need to do is soak all the small pieces along with the glass bubbler. Then, wipe the base down with some alcohol.

Comparing it to other E-Rigs

Puffco Peak. Photo courtesy of Kings Pipe.

The High Five Duo is much like a Puffco Peak, but with widely adjustable temperature control. It is also significantly better than the Ooze Comet, where there is no temperature control. While the Ooze Comet is a very good budget E-Rig, the High Five Duo is definitely worth the extra investment. Plus, the price is not as expensive as other E-Rigs.

The High Five Duo is perfect for heavy and casual users alike

The fact that you can control the temperature and session length is a huge deal for heavy, high-tolerance users and for users of low tolerance, as well. I’ve been using it for a variety of concentrates, all of which are excellent for the High Five Duo.

Concluding our High Five Duo review…

If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting electronic dab rig with lots of versatile features, this E-rig is for you. The Duo allows you to have absolute control over the temperature from 350 to 600 degrees, as well as the length of your session, which can last up to 60 secs. Overall, the High Five Duo is more than worth the investment. It’s also very easy to operate once you know how it works. However, the bulkiness will prevent you from taking it anywhere in public. The opening at the base of the rig has to be aligned with the opening at the base of the glass bubbler for the best airflow and performance.

Once you get to know this E-rig, The Duo will be a favorite rig among many different kinds of consumers. It also works wonderfully with many different kinds of concentrates. All in all, this is an excellent rig for your collection.

You can find more information on and buy a High Five Duo eRig here.

What are your thoughts on the High Five Duo rig? Have you tried it or have a question? Post a comment below or in our forum!

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  • is this rig capable of consuming dryleaf thru...I'm looking for an eligible I can use both concentrates and dry herb thru thanx in advance...

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    • It will have the dry herb attachment sometime this winter for it. I’m looking forward to that, as I will have an all-in-one solution. I do own one of these though, and it’s worth the money. It’s actually the best bang for your buck on the market. Do definitely get the bent neck glass though. The stock glass does get plugged between the airflow pathway and the stem in the bubbler. Do invest also in the Silicone Carbide (SiC) Bowl too. The AIN has now come out now, but it’s a significant investment, but I hear it’s well worth it. I just got my SiC bowl and it’s an improvement over the titanium. But I too mostly in the beginning, was drawn towards this rig because of the herb attachment.

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      • Thanks for the info! (news to us as well)

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