Wild Orchard Hemp HHC Disposable Review – Elegant Yet Practical


Today we will take a look at the FuHHCuup series from Wild Orchard Hemp. Wild Orchard Hemp offers a diverse selection of wellness products, which includes Delta-8, Delta-9, and/or HHC. We have previously reviewed their Dessert Delta-8 hemp flower here, which tastes much better than the extremely artificial flavor of their Dessert Delta-8 disposables. Wild Orchard Hemp sent us two of their HHC disposables from their FuHHCuup series. For this review, let’s see what the hype is all about by trying a couple of HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp.

Check out our video review of the Wild Orchard Hemp HHC Disposable here.


  • Elegant yet practical design
  • Solid airflow
  • Great flavor
  • Surprisingly strong effects
  • Fairly affordable prices


  • None

Recommendations: None

HHC is one of the latest popular hemp-derived THC alternatives which feel closer to Delta-8 in terms of potency and effects

Prior to this review, the flavor and potency of the Dessert Delta-8 flower from Wild Orchard Hemp felt more satisfying than the Delta-8 flower from Exhale Wellness. On the other hand, I didn’t enjoy the Dessert Delta-8

disposables for their extremely artificial flavoring and their unintended side effects. As a result, I was admittedly skeptical yet cautiously optimistic, especially since this is my first time trying HHC. HHC, which is short for hexahydrocannabinol, is primarily created from hemp seeds and pollen. The packaging flips open from the front to display the unit through a cut-out window and a list of ingredients. The white rechargeable, draw-activated disposable has an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look and design with a small teardrop-shaped oil window.

The Wild Orchard Hemp HHC disposables consist of full-spectrum HHC, THC-O, and Delta-8 THC with natural terpenes

While it’s not strictly only HHC, the FuHHCuup disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp offer a surprisingly effective combination of full-spectrum HHC oil, THC-O, and Delta-8 THC with natural terpenes. Each strain of the Wild Orchard Hemp HHC disposables stands out with its own distinctive artwork and a different color background on the front of the box. For instance, the Chunky Skunk disposable has an illustrated picture of a skunk with a gray background. The Mad Honey disposable has an angry-looking bee against a yellow color background.

According to the front of the box, this disposable contains a combination of full-spectrum HHC, THC-O, and Delta-8 THC with natural terpenes. However, the ingredients are listed as full-spectrum HHC oil with natural terpenes, while a QR code directly leads to the lab results on the back of the box. Although both technically contain 900 MG, the Chunky Skunk disposable is slightly taller and bulkier than the more compact size of their Mad Honey disposable.

The Chunky Skunk HHC disposable tastes the least synthetic of the most recent hemp-derived THC alternatives

First, I tried their Chunky Skunk disposable, which is just as tasty and strong as the Delta-8/THCV cartridge from Spensary from a few months ago. The flavor of Chunky Skunk is earthy, spicy, and floral with hints of pine, skunk, and diesel. The Indica-leaning effects of Chunky Skunk feel calm, balanced, and relaxing. The Chunky Skunk disposable has additional perforated holes around the middle section of the unit for better airflow. However, I found it to clog much more often than the Mad Honey disposable, which has surprisingly better airflow.

While the potency of both disposables felt strong, I preferred the flavor of Chunky Skunk much more than Mad Honey

Next, I sampled their Mad Honey. Which felt closer in terms of quality, to the Dessert Delta-8 disposables from the same company. Compared to their Chunky Skunk, the Mad Honey disposable tastes slightly more artificial. The flavor of Mad Honey tastes sweet, spicy, and floral. It also had hints of citrus, mango, and pine. The slightly more cerebral effects of Mad Honey feel uplifting, balanced, and energetic. While the Mad Honey tastes slightly more artificial than the Chunky Skunk, the Mad Honey disposable still isn’t as extremely off-putting as the artificial flavoring for the Dessert line of Delta-8 disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp.

Wild Orchard Hemp HHC Lab Results

The full retail price for the 275mg and 900mg HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp is $25.00 and $49.99, respectively. Additionally, there are weekly and monthly subscription plans for 10% off each unit.

The effects of these HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp feel stronger than most Delta-8/Delta10 products from other brands that I have tried so far. For instance, the Delta-8 disposables from Eighty Six Brand also tasted harsher and not as tasty. According to their lab results, the Delta-8 THC % of the HHC base oil is 73.50%, the HHC % is 14.30%, the CBD % is 0.30% and the total sum of cannabinoid % is 88.60%.

HHC disposables are worth the hype for their surprising potency, great airflow, and fair prices

Ultimately, I would highly recommend the FuHHCuup series from Wild Orchard Hemp for their surprisingly strong effects, solid airflow, and fairly affordable prices. The FuHHCuup series from Wild Orchard Hemp is much more preferable than their Dessert line of Delta-8 disposables, both in terms of potency and flavor. 

You can find all the HHC disposables in their FuHHCuup series from Wild Orchard Hemp on their official website here.

Have you tried HHC disposables from Wild Orchard Hemp? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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