Recreational Marijuana in California Begins at Fancy Dabz


You can now buy dabs, cannabis, and smoke it in a dab lounge for a small monthly entrance fee

It was in late 2016 California voters decided to legalize Marijuana for recreational use finally. As time has now progressed so has the laws being implemented within the state. Oakland California already has a location on 1810 International Street known as Fancy Dabz available to anyone with an ID and a $10.00 entrance fee, afterward the fee becomes only a mere $5.00 monthly to renew. No longer do you need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis and extracted oil. You can now skip the doctor visit and go straight to your cannabis with only a government-issued ID and a small fee.

Location: Easy to find but with limited parking

Behind the gates fun awaits.

It wasn’t difficult to locate this dispensary. Unfortunately, this location is notorious for a ton of prostitution and it’s very likely you will see women of all ages walking International street selling themselves. After you get past this scene, you will find yourself at a white locked gated door with a camera. Its 24 minutes away walking distances from the Fruitvale BART station. It’s very easy to commute with public transportation. You can take the number 62 bus from the Fruitvale BART station and it will drop you off on 23rd which is an 8 minute walk away for those who need to take public transportation.

Security is very tight at this location

You need to be buzzed in and there are two armed security guards inside. Once you enter you need to empty your pockets and walk through a metal detector. While inside I saw an armed police officer walk out of the back room. I did feel safe while being here even during the late night hours.

Selection of Products: Not too much variety but good enough

The selection of available cartridges was very limited. They had only three brands for sale which are Brass Knuckles, CES, and Americanna. They had a decent size selection of actual concentrate. Many of their concentrates were brands I’ve never heard of and others with no brand names which left me to believe it was their very own in-house. I tried their Live resin OG Kush shatter at the dab bar which was fantastic. They do not allow any photos to be taken while inside the dab bar so I couldn’t capture a picture of the inside.

Joining experience: It was fast and easy to join

All that’s required is an ID and ten dollars for the first month. It didn’t take longer than 5 minutes to join. I went with a friend who asked them if they shared any of their member’s information with any government agencies because he didn’t want it in his background and they said they did not. After you are checked through security you can grab a menu to browse while in line.

Overall: Great spot to hang out and buy good cannabis and extracts

People around this area have the luxury of being able to stop by and take a dab after work at Fancy Dabz. The three times I’ve been to this place it has always been busy but not too busy where it’s annoying. The wait times to buy anything wasn’t any longer than 10 minutes. The dab bar, on the other hand, was limited to only about 10 dab rigs with e-nails with people just hanging out not even dabbing without any time restrictions. I found myself waiting 20 minutes one time before I could occupy a dab rig. Recreational marijuana California laws passed are going to allow for many more of these establishments to open up with improvements I am sure.

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