CDXX Flavors : Natural Flavors For Cannabis Products


CDXX Flavors makes blends of solvent-free flavorings and 100% pure organic fractionated coconut oil and flavorings.

Name: CDXX Flavors
Location: 5970 Jetton Ln, Unit E, Loomis CA 95650
Phone: (800) 460-1815

Terpene strength flavor profiles

CDXX takes the fresh approach to flavors, which are made to blend with distillate or other applications. They are made to be flexible for a wide variety of uses. They provide a line of stock premade flavorings, and offer the option for clients to custom-create their own flavor blends. Flavors are guaranteed ultra-concentrated, organic compliant, and solvent free with no carriers or diluents.

CDXX Services:

  • Formulation support – for flavor development in custom orders
  • Product development – working in partnership to create new lines of products
  • Custom flavors – made to order with any creation you can think of
  • Flavor matching – bring them a taste, they’ll reverse-engineer it

The company also offers a line of MCT (coconut oil) flavor blends for use in edible concoctions. Terpene strain profiles are in development as of this writing.

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  • I'm Liam matteo originally from Chandler, TX. I would love to let you know our interest toward some of your products. Before we proceed, I want you to know that the order is going to Belize, Central America, I will have my freight forwarder pick up the order and deliver it to Belize. Also, note that I will be paying with my US Visa/Mastercard. Please advise if you accept CC for payment. So I could send in my order list. Thnx. Liam.

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