Cannabeta Realty


Cannabeta Realty is the first real estate firm serving the New York and New Jersey areas to focus on serving the unique needs of the cannabis industry. Run by industry commercial real estate veterans with $1 billion transaction experience between them, they provide real estate services to the growing cannabis market in these recently legalized areas.


(347) 280-3855
Address: 15 W 18th St 8th Floor, New York, NY 10011

Cannbeta Realty is a full-service real estate broker for dispensaries

Their areas of expertise include:

  • NYC retail tenant and landlord representation
  • Upstate NY industrial tenant representation
  • Upstate NY industrial buyer representation
  • Long Island retail tenant representation
  • NJ retail tenant and landlord representation
  • NJ industrial tenant representation
  • NJ industrial buyer representation

Cannabeta Realty is ready and eager to serve the cannabis dispensary industry. They have a list of hundreds of retail locations across the city where landlords will accept a dispensary and which pass legally required proximity checks. They help clients identify ideal real estate locations and even assist with initial licensing for cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabeta Realty cares about social impact

They retain a social impact strategist on staff, and they affirm that cannabis isn’t just a business to them, but a movement. Cannabeta Realty also donates 10% of all their profits back to communities hit hardest by the War on Drugs. They have also been active in drug policy reform in NYC, so this business situation is the natural landing point for a goal they’ve had all along.

Readers, if you’re going to open a cannabis business in the NYC/NJ area and you consult Cannabeta Realty, be sure to tell them DabConnection sent you! And tell us about the emerging dispensary scene in NY/NJ here in the comments or in our lonely, but sincere, forum.


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