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3Win Corp


phone: (833) 33-CCELL (833-332-2355)
Facebook: @3WinCorp
Instagram: 3win_corp
Twitter: @3Win_Corp

3Win is a full-service authorized CCELL branding and distributing company

They provide research labs and extraction facilities, in-house laser engraved branding, customized packaging, and promotional materials. They are a B2B branding, packaging, and wholesale distribution company working in conjunction with licensed vape brands.

3Win services the complete line of CCELL products, most notably CCELL devices such as:

  • Dart
  • Silo
  • Palm
  • M3
  • USB charger
  • TH2 glass cartridges
  • M6T poly cartridges
  • Full window glass 0.3ML disposables
  • Full window glass 0.5ML disposables
  • TH001 0.5ML disposables

They offer in-house customization for any product’s branding. For example, vape pens have the option of mouthpiece finishes in ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, and stainless steel. Pantone color and engraved logos complete the branding.

They don’t offer graphic design in-house. Instead, you supply the logo and aesthetics, and they apply it to the hardware and packaging.

Have you encountered 3Win product partners?

3Win does not sell to end consumers so it’s not likely that everyday customers will have heard of them. However, if you’ve worked with this company, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or in our forums.


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