Fleetwood Flower Review – Surprisingly Great Flavor


For today’s flower review, we will take a look at Fleetwood Flower Company, which provides budget value greenhouse flower eighths from Claybourne Co. This is my first time trying “full-spectrum greenhouse flower”. To put it simply, it’s essentially their mixed-light flower, which is primarily separated by two main categories: the red label (which are their regular nugs) and the black label (which are their small nugs). For our review, I will try their mixed-light PB Souffle greenhouse flower.

Check out our video review of the Fleetwood Flower here.


  • Surprisingly great flavor
  • Above-average potency
  • Very smooth
  • Fair price


  • None

Recommendations: None

At first glance, this cannabis brand design and logo feels like one for a boxing gym and equipment company

The packaging for Fleetwood Flower stands out from their parent company brand, Claybourne Co, with its bold red and black labeling. The red label offers traditional-sized nugs for volumes of 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, & 28g. On the other side, the black label features small-sized nugs for 7g, 14g, & 28g at budget prices. The eye-catching logo for Fleetwood Flower feels more like one designed for a boxing gym and equipment company than a cannabis brand, which looked intriguing. Upon opening the jar, there are six decent small to medium-sized nugs.

These generous-sized well-manicured nugs were slightly larger than those in a bag of smalls, like Fun Uncle from Caliva

This week, I picked up an eighth of PB Souffle, which was first created from a joint collaboration between pHinest Cannabis and Cannarado Genetics. PB Souffle is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Do-si-dos and Lava Cake. The soft, sticky yet dense nugs of PB Souffle look properly trimmed and manicured. The mossy surface of the nugs was mostly key lime green with short light brown-ish orange pistils and a sprinkling of trichomes. The generous size of these nugs was slightly larger than those in a bag of smalls, like the nugs in Fun Uncle flower eighths from Caliva

This greenhouse flower was also fresher, tastier, and more potent than the Fun Uncle smalls from Caliva

The sweet, spicy, and floral aroma of PB Souffle is also creamy, nutty, and skunky. Its rich, smooth and silky aroma also possesses notes of chocolate, berries, citrus, and earth. Spicy pungent notes of coffee, pine, mint, and pepper are also present in their aroma after the grind. The flavor of PB Souffle tastes similarly sweet, gassy, and floral, combining the minty cookie earthiness of Do-si-dos with the peanut butter creaminess of Lava Cake. The effects of PB Souffle felt calm, relaxing yet alert with more of a slightly more Indica dominant effect. The effects made this ideal for late evenings and nighttime with its initially heady high. Those cerebral effects are counterbalanced with an almost weightless mood of steadily increasing relaxation.

This is one of the best options for greenhouse flower eighths with similar quality or may even be better than other similar budget brands

The full retail price for Fleetwood flower eighths is usually listed for $40 per one-eighth, pre-tax.  Personally, I would easily pick up the flower eighths from this brand over any bag of small nugs. In my opinion, this is one of the best options for greenhouse flower eighths with similar quality or may even be better than indoor small nugs from other similar budget brands. Compared to other brands, this is definitely better than most indoor or outdoor smalls in terms of quality, trim, and cure. When using a dry herb vaporizer, the flavor of PB Souffle was nuttier, earthier, and creamier. The total THC % of PB Souffle is 26.73%, the CBD % is 0.0%, the total terpenes % is 2.90% and the total sum of cannabinoids % is 30.33%.

All in all, Fleetwood flower eighths are recommended for their surprisingly great quality with strong potency and solid flavor at a fair price

My final score: I would recommend Fleetwood flower eighths for its surprisingly great quality with strong potency and solid flavor. Equally impressive is the price, which is at only a slightly higher price range than other small outdoor and/or sun-grown nugs. Note: When using a dry herb vaporizer, the temperature setting felt perfect between 420 degrees Fahrenheit on the RYOT Verb and 428 degrees Fahrenheit on the XMAX V3 Pro.

You can find most Fleetwood flower eighths, which are available in regular and small nugs, with their official website here or on Weedmaps here.

Have you tried Fleetwood flower? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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