The Top Recommended Dispensaries in San Jose


One of the US areas with the most concentrated interest in the cannabis market is San Jose, California. The city known as the “capital of Silicon Valley” is all about the high-tech lifestyle, and more recently is one of the chief cultural areas for cannabis in California’s nation-leading market. But all is not green in the valley, unless you can afford the other kind of green to shop there…

The most highly recommended dispensaries in San Jose, California

By general consensus, they seem to be…

Airfield Supply Co

The first thing everyone will tell you about Airfield is “it’s right by the airport!” Yes, literally, they are right off Coleman avenue by San Jose International, they’re practically on the runway. The main selling points with Airfield are quality, great staff and atmosphere, and good buds. The only downside is it also appears to be the most expensive dispensary in San Jose, which puts it in the running for most expensive in California. It’s still an overwhelmingly recommended dispensary, likely because it’s so convenient to get to and already in a heavily trafficked location. Features an on-site garden and nursery, and self-service kiosks.


It’s two miles south of downtown, and next door to the popular Hermitage Brewery, which is a perk for the pint & puff crowd. Caliva is also touted for having great quality, premium service, and plush atmosphere, but its prices are also at the high end, sharing the “sticker shock” honor with Airfield. Both Haze and California Collective are right in the same neighborhood and are both less expensive than Caliva. But Caliva is still popular for the high end consumer, and for being the full San Jose dispensary experience when you want to be impressed. They have frequent in-store events and offer discounts to veterans and seniors. Oh, and a Taco Tuesday, because a taco truck company drops by then from 11AM to 6PM.

CA (California) Collective

If you’re here for the Hermitage Brewing Company, CA Collective is right across the street on Phelan Ave. CA Collective is a smaller store which isn’t as flashy as the marquee San Jose dispensaries but is far more reasonable in price. They have regular weekly specials and knowledgeable staff of budtenders. We see a lot of customers reporting a well-rounded shopping experience there, as a “chill place with chill people.”


Rounding out our Hermitage Brewing Company neighborhood trio, Haze, like CA Collective, is touted as being far more reasonable in price than Caliva or Airfield. However, their flower strains are a bit pricier due to having a wider and more select variety. Haze also has daily specials and is noted for a low-pressure staff.

Be advised that the Hermitage Brewing triangle of dispensaries are all in a dumpy neighborhood thanks to restrictive zoning laws.

White Fire

Just off Tully road close to the fairgrounds, you’ll find White Fire. Touted for best customer service, having deals from time to time. They have a daily “happy hour” with 25% off flower from 2-4PM. Once a month they have a customer appreciation day where it’s 25% off on the whole store. It’s a lesser-known joint where they remember their regulars, worth seeking out.

Elemental Wellness

Right across the 101 freeway on Timothy Drive in an industrial park, catty-corner from Theraleaf. Elemental Wellness is touted for having super friendly staff, great selection, a nicely laid-out display, a clean store, and reasonable prices. They have won multiple awards from local agencies.


In that same industrial park on Timothy Drive off the 101 freeway, around the corner from Elemental Wellness, is the lesser-known Theraleaf. (Get a website, guys!) Theraleaf is touted for being less crowded, having a more upscale selection, and reasonable prices. It’s a bit secluded, but check it out if you’re in the area, it might prove to be a hidden gem!

What else is going on in San Jose?

San Jose cannabis enthusiasts, what are your stories and experiences? Share them here or in our forums.


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