Dab Pens

Mig Vapor Wasp Review – Decent Pulls and Smooth Hits

The Mig Vapor Wasp dab pen is a very simple and easy to use battery. Although it only has one…

2 weeks ago

Puffco Faces Lawsuit for Defective Peak Vaporizers

Puffco is facing a lawsuit for their Puffco Peak vaporizer. The main reason for this is the defective atomizers. The…

3 months ago

FlytLab Stik Review – Quality and Wide Atomizer Allows For Cloudy Hits

The FlytLab Stik proved to be a quality and potent battery. This portable battery guarantees satisfying hits with each pack.…

4 months ago

Stiiizy vs Dab Pens: Here’s Why a Dab Pen Usually Wins

We put Stiiizy vs Dab Pens in this comparison post. See why a dab pen is usually better.

5 months ago

G Pen Nova Review: Conveniently Simple But Atomizer Gets Very Messy

Our G Pen Nova review revealed a simple and easy to use pen that is perfect for on the go,…

8 months ago

Saber Vape Pen Review – Efficiently and Discretely Satisfying

The Saber vape pen turned to be a very discreet and sleek pen that give soothing hits to it.

8 months ago

G Pen Nova Preview: More Junk From Grenco Science or is it Good?

A rundown of the G Pen Nova vape pen by Grenco Science. No new tech and a loading mouthpiece copied…

9 months ago

DaBox Review – Vivant’s Vape Pen Has Some Good Parts, Some Bad

The DaBox vape pen has some good parts but also a lot of flaws. With a coupon, it is still…

9 months ago

Quartz Quest Review – Strong, Smooth Rips Yet Very Fragile Build

Our Quartz Quest review showed an atomizer that delivers on strength and taste, but lacks in durability.

9 months ago

Ceram-X Vape Pen Review – Smooth and Long Lasting Hits

The O2VAPE Ceram-X vape pen turned out to be a very smooth hitter.

10 months ago

Airvape OM Review | Dual Quartz Atomizer

The Airvape OM was excellent to use with prefilled cartridges and that's where it ended. Keep reading our Airvape OM…

12 months ago

Qloudup Nexus review | Nice Design on This Vape Pen but Not Strong

The Qloudup Nexus vape pen is designed for vaping wax and extracted cannabis oil. For our Qloudup Nexus review, we…

1 year ago

Kandypens vs Puffco – Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

Both Kandypens and Puffco have been around the vape game for a while. Kandypens has a lot more advertising with…

1 year ago

Kandypens vs Dr Dabber – Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

Kandypens and Dr Dabber are two vape pen companies that have been around for a while. Previously Kandypens has had…

1 year ago

Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus – A Comparison of Puffco’s Two Vape Pens

For this review, we will compare two Puffco models that people have recently been interested in. The Puffco Pro 2…

1 year ago

Puffco vs Dr Dabber – Which Company Makes Better Vape Pens?

Puffco vs Dr Dabber: Vape Pen Battle People often wonder what is the best vape pen to get. There are…

1 year ago

KandyPens Galaxy vs KandyPens Prism – Vape Pen Comparison

For this comparison, we look at two KandyPens vape pen models that people are most curious about…The KandyPens Galaxy vs…

2 years ago

This Thing Rips Roil Review – Best of the R Series, But Uses Old Tech

This Thing Rips Roil Review: Big Improvement Over R2 Series Tasty Ceramic Donut - But Cheaper To Get Separate Pieces…

2 years ago