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Puffco Faces Lawsuit for Defective Peak Vaporizers

Puffco is facing a lawsuit for their Puffco Peak vaporizer. The main reason for this is the defective atomizers. The… Read More

1 month ago

FlytLab Stik Review – Quality and Wide Atomizer Allows For Cloudy Hits

The FlytLab Stik proved to be a quality and potent battery. This portable battery guarantees satisfying hits with each pack.… Read More

2 months ago

Stiiizy vs Dab Pens: Here’s Why a Dab Pen Usually Wins

We put Stiiizy vs Dab Pens in this comparison post. See why a dab pen is usually better. Read More

3 months ago

G Pen Nova Review: Conveniently Simple But Atomizer Gets Very Messy

Our G Pen Nova review revealed a simple and easy to use pen that is perfect for on the go,… Read More

6 months ago

Saber Vape Pen Review – Efficiently and Discretely Satisfying

The Saber vape pen turned to be a very discreet and sleek pen that give soothing hits to it. Read More

6 months ago

G Pen Nova Preview: More Junk From Grenco Science or is it Good?

A rundown of the G Pen Nova vape pen by Grenco Science. No new tech and a loading mouthpiece copied… Read More

7 months ago

DaBox Review – Vivant’s Vape Pen Has Some Good Parts, Some Bad

The DaBox vape pen has some good parts but also a lot of flaws. With a coupon, it is still… Read More

7 months ago

Quartz Quest Review – Strong, Smooth Rips Yet Very Fragile Build

Our Quartz Quest review showed an atomizer that delivers on strength and taste, but lacks in durability. Read More

7 months ago

Ceram-X Vape Pen Review – Smooth and Long Lasting Hits

The O2VAPE Ceram-X vape pen turned out to be a very smooth hitter. Read More

8 months ago

Airvape OM Review | Dual Quartz Atomizer

The Airvape OM was excellent to use with prefilled cartridges and that's where it ended. Keep reading our Airvape OM… Read More

10 months ago

Qloudup Nexus review | Nice Design on This Vape Pen but Not Strong

The Qloudup Nexus vape pen is designed for vaping wax and extracted cannabis oil. For our Qloudup Nexus review, we… Read More

1 year ago

Kandypens vs Puffco – Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

Both Kandypens and Puffco have been around the vape game for a while. Kandypens has a lot more advertising with… Read More

1 year ago

Kandypens vs Dr Dabber – Who Makes A Better Vape Pen?

Kandypens and Dr Dabber are two vape pen companies that have been around for a while. Previously Kandypens has had… Read More

1 year ago

Puffco Pro 2 vs Plus – A Comparison of Puffco’s Two Vape Pens

For this review, we will compare two Puffco models that people have recently been interested in. The Puffco Pro 2… Read More

1 year ago

Puffco vs Dr Dabber – Which Company Makes Better Vape Pens?

Puffco vs Dr Dabber: Vape Pen Battle People often wonder what is the best vape pen to get. There are… Read More

1 year ago

KandyPens Galaxy vs KandyPens Prism – Vape Pen Comparison

For this comparison, we look at two KandyPens vape pen models that people are most curious about…The KandyPens Galaxy vs… Read More

1 year ago

This Thing Rips Roil Review – Best of the R Series, But Uses Old Tech

This Thing Rips Roil Review: Big Improvement Over R2 Series Tasty Ceramic Donut - But Cheaper To Get Separate Pieces… Read More

2 years ago

This Thing Rips R Series 2 Review – Bad Taste Due to Junk Coils

This Thing Rips R Series 2 Review - Cheap Materials & Bad Taste The 'R Series 2' from This Thing… Read More

2 years ago