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Ignite Cannabis Co. – Strange Tales in the Cannabis Business

We examine a case study of a controversial cannabis company, Ignite Cannabis Co., and its extremely flamboyant founder, plus every(?)…

4 months ago

WeedStock Report: Cannabis Stocks Have Nowhere To Go But Up

Bloomberg analysts are bullish on long-term cannabis stocks, celebrities don't sell weed well, and more in your weekly Weedstock report.

1 year ago

WeedStock Report: Vape Crisis Impacts Cannabis Business

Cronos stocks have plunged amid growing fears of vape cartridge illnesses, while other companies express concern and more in weekly…

1 year ago

WeedStock Report: 2019 Investments In Cannabis Stocks To Top $16 Billion

Investors are on target to funnel more that $16 billion into cannabis stocks by the end of 2019, and other…

1 year ago

WeedStock Report: American Cannabis Stocks Beat Canada

Canadian analyst ranks US cannabis stocks higher than Canadian; a CBD entrepreneur shares what she washes she'd known before starting,…

1 year ago

Pharmacyte Biotech : Company History, Executives, & Stock Value

Marijuana penny stocks are the talk of the town and lead to massive earnings or heart breaking losses. Pharmacyte Biotech…

4 years ago

GW Pharmaceuticals : History, Executives, & Stock Value

Based out of Cambridge, UK, GW Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company that makes medicine out of marijuana extracts. The company…

4 years ago

MassRoots : Company Profile, History, And Stock Value

Social media for marijuana put MassRoots into the limelight not long after their digital doors opened for business in 2013.…

4 years ago

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc Down 54% in the Last 2 Weeks and Running on Thin Revenue

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTC: CBNX) is down by more than half in the past two weeks at the time this…

4 years ago

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (NDEV) up 30x in Last 12 Months, Volume Waning

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (NDEV) up 30x In Last 12 Months, but Volume is Waning With a 52 week…

4 years ago

Investing In Marijuana Stocks : Will The Latest Options Turn Profit?

In continuation of an earlier post on marijuana stocks, we've decided look at a few more companies. They are after…

4 years ago

Marijuana Stocks In 2017 : Are They Grossly Overvalued?

The current trend within the United States to legalize cannabis brings with it a new agricultural industry. While the growth…

4 years ago