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High AF Clothing Features Cool Designs In A Comfortable Fit


High AF Clothing: Stoner Shirts With Cool Designs That Non Stoners Won’t Understand

High AF Clothing sent us two of their shirts for review. I am wearing one of them as I right this review. The shirts are printed on large white T-shirts that have a loose, comfortable stoner-style fit. You may have seen our previous overview of stoner fashion and we continue exploring stoner fashion with High AF.

UPDATE 9/30/2018: I have used these shirts now for several months. They turned out to be much higher quality than expected. Washed them several times. Still in great shape.

Overall a good looking shirt, but it will fit loose unless you order down a size.

Designs On The High AF Shirts

The shirts I tried were the R2Dab2 and Hulk with a bong on it. The cool thing about the designs is they are kind of “only a stoner would know” type designs. If your grandparents looked at it they would think the R2Dab2 is just a Star Wars shirt.


The tags were a nice addition to the shirt. On the arm there is a High AF label. Also the main tag for the shirt is changed to one with a High AF label. A lot of stoner shirts out there still have the “Gildan” or “AAA” labels, which are the makers of much of the white T-shirts that are out there.

You can see the High AF logo on the tag

A nice add on to the shirt.

Shirt Sizing on High AF Clothing

Large is Very Large

The size we requested was a Large and I would say it runs on the bigger side. While I wear a large in men’s on most shirts, if I was to re-order a High AF Clothing shirt I would choose medium.


The fit is generally loose and long. Even had I been in a smaller size, the shirt has a wide fit. These are not slim cut. The fit is very comfortable though.

Product Quality on High AF Clothing Shirts


High AF Clothing is going for more the stoner crowd than the fashion crowd. The shirt is of okay quality, and that is fine, as most people are going to buy these for the design and look.The cotton is rougher but it does seem very durable.

Design Print

The design printed on the shirt appears to be done by direct to garment method. It seems applied well though I must admit I have not washed mine yet after wearing it. I do like how the pictures are something that only people in the know can tell what it is. It is not an obvious “this is a weed shirt.”

R2Dab2 by High AF Clothing

In addition to the designs we reviewed they have several others as well.


High AF Clothing offers stoner fashion at an affordable price. Most of the shirts are $22. The fit is large but it goes with that “stoner look.” The shirts are not super high end but they look good for stoner clothes. Interested in checking out High AF shirts? See their website here.




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