A guide to the most complex cannabis strains.

Top 10 Cali Weed : The Best Flower We Smoked in 2021

As Champagne to the French, as coffee is to Columbia, so is cannabis to the state of California. Not only…

2 years ago

Wedding Cake – Cannabis Strain

Wedding Cake is a strain from the Cookies family which is prized for its abundant trichome yield, perfect for extracts…

4 years ago

Citrus Skunk – Cannabis Strain

Citrus Skunk smells pungent, tastes tangy, and will lock you down to the couch. Perfect for evening chill or sedating…

4 years ago

Pineapple Express – Cannabis Strain

Get ready for a nice Hawaiian punch that will leave you giggling and energized, with Pineapple Express, the sweet-smelling strain.

4 years ago

Purple Punch – Cannabis Strain

Purple Punch delivers a punch alright, as a candy-tasting strain with a grape flavor and an effect that will have…

4 years ago

Sour Diesel – Cannabis Strain

Sour Diesel - It tastes like lemon, smells like fuel, and packs a potency like a truck. This skunky bud…

4 years ago

Gorilla Glue – Cannabis Strain

Gorilla Glue, GG#4, or Original Glue is the heavy, sedating cannabis strain with the sticky buds and peppery taste. Keep…

4 years ago

Gelato – Cannabis Strain

Gelato is the sweet, sherbet-tasting strain that is one of the founding varieties of dessert-tasting hybrid cannabis strains from the…

4 years ago

Jack Herer – Cannabis Strain

Jack Herer is one of the top most popular cannabis strains and a widely awarded strain, named in honor of…

4 years ago