Aeriz THC Cart Review: No Flavor and Too Expensive

the Aeriz Banana Biscotti Sundae Element cartridge was lackluster for the price. I probably won’t buy this one again, but…

1 year ago

Alpine Live Resin HHC Cartridge Review – Solid Carts

I got the chance to try a few vape cartridges from Alpine. Both were 1G HHC Sativa carts that fit…

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AMA THC Cartridge Review – Creative and Calm Mind

If you are struggling for a reason to feel happy or just better about your day, pick this up. The…

1 year ago

Ayr Wellness Vape Cart Review – Decently Priced but Not That Tasty

The flavor is not pleasant in my opinion, but the effects are decent. This cart is acceptable as far as in…

2 years ago

Ammo Live Resin Cartridge Review – Smooth and Affordable

Ammo Brand Loaded live resin cartridges are worth picking up for their solid potency, smooth taste, and incredibly low prices.

3 years ago

Apex Pinnacle Live Resin Cartridge Review – Solid Potency and Good Taste

Apex Pinnacle Live Resin Cartridges are recommended for their quality, taste, and smoothness, but the outdated hardware rapidly burns the…

3 years ago

Alpine Live Resin Cartridge Review – Great Quality, Taste, and Effects

The new limited edition ceramic Alpine Vapor live resin cartridges have great quality, taste, effects, and smoothness.

3 years ago

ABX Live Cartridge Review – Solid Live Resin Carts At Very Affordable Prices

ABX Live Resin offers solid carts that come at affordable prices.

3 years ago

Apollo Extracts : Mystery Oil Cart Brand On East Coast

Apollo Extracts are also called Apo carts, and seem to be centered in Michigan. They appear to be a black…

4 years ago

Apex RemPen Review: Good With The Right Battery

Here we review the APEX RemPen cartridge. With the right battery and voltage settings, it's a good THC vape cart.

4 years ago