Reviews of batteries from the perspective of oil pen users.

CCELL Sandwave Review – Sharp and Innovative

CCELL Sandwave is at the top of lists for Best Batteries with its user-conscious design, sharp appearance, and innovative features

4 months ago

CCELL Go Stik Review – Gets The Job Done

CCELL Go Stik gets the job down but there is plenty room for improvement .

5 months ago

CCELL Bellos Battery Review – Aesthetics Over Functionality

Overall, I did not have a good experience with the CCELL Bello. I was hopeful and excited after seeing the…

1 year ago

CCELL Palm Pro Review – Just Impressive

CCELL Palm Pro is a great battery all over. The battery lasts long, the design and built are great and…

1 year ago

CCELL Rizo Cart Battery : Tiny and Underwhelming

Get ready for a micro-review of a micro-battery. The CCELL Rizo is a super-compact micro-battery that might have been a…

1 year ago

CCELL M3 Plus Battery Review – Affordable and Easy to Use

The CCell M3 Plus is definitely a quality battery. It is pretty solid and sturdy. It has a variable power…

1 year ago

CCELL Silo Review: Small Form Factor Battery for Vape Cartridges

Review of the CCELL Silo battery. This turned out to be a great small form factor battery for THC cartridges,…

5 years ago

CCELL Palm Review : Long Lasting Battery Works Excellent With CCELL Cartridges

Here we review the CCELL® Palm in its entirety after prolonged use. Overall, we found it to be a very…

5 years ago