4/20 Deals 2022

Well, we all made it another year to 4/20, year 2022! Pandemics and wars be damned, we have our sweet…

7 days ago

The Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Here it is, the end of 2021, and we're another year older and not a bit wiser. Hard to believe…

5 months ago

Nobody Is Handing Out Cannabis Edibles To Your Kids For Trick ‘r’ Treat

Hey there folks, welcome to this year’s edition of Halloween class. Yes, all you in the back settle down. We…

5 months ago

4/20, 2021 : COVID Can’t Put Out Our Fire!

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 20th, is 4/20 Day. On this special day of cultural significance in cannabis culture, let us come…

1 year ago

The Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Announcing Dab Connection's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Everything for the stoner on your list from Green Wednesday to Christmas Eve!

1 year ago

4/20 Events in California 2017!

Get ready marijuana enthusiasts, 4/20 is almost upon us! 4/20 is like Christmas for stoners! And with more states legalizing…

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