The Greatest Ever Stoner Characters in Film

"Cheech & Chong" You said it yourself as soon as you'd clicked on an article about the Greatest Stoner Characters…

2 years ago

Stoner Music and Comedy : A Playlist Of The Old Classics!

AKA Classic Comedy and Music About Weed We at DabConnection are rather on the progressive side of the cannabis movement.…

2 years ago

What Cannabis Strain Pairs With What Movie : A Gourmet Guide

Two activities that are very popular right now are smoking weed and watching movies – and they go great together…

2 years ago

Contest: Vote in the Dr. Dabber Glass Games

UPDATE: The Dr. Dabber Glass Games contest is now finished, view the finals here: We get too serious around…

2 years ago

What’s Up With Anti-Marijuana Billboards?

Have you ever seen an anti-marijuana propaganda billboard and wondered who paid to put that up? We wonder too, and…

3 years ago

Best Stoner Games – Video Games That Score Best With A Bong

What video game doesn't go well with weed? A surprising lot of them, which is why we pick the most…

4 years ago

Best Movies To Watch Stoned

The true best stoner film recommendations from a stoner movie critic. No Cheech and Chong! No Reefer Madness! Quality flicks…

4 years ago

If You Give A Bear A Bong : A Children’s Book for Former Children

A parody of a children's book. It is a heartwarming, cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing weed and wildlife.

5 years ago

KoKo Nuggz : Chocolate Budz: Review (NEW Flavor Update!)

[sg_popup id="1" event="hover"][/sg_popup] KoKo Nuggz - Chocolate Budz (THIS PRODUCT IS NON-MEDICATED. NO THC, NO CBD) Updated: January 23rd 2018…

6 years ago

Stoner Fashion : Weed Inspired Clothing for 2017!

From sexy swimsuits to comfy hemp tees… Here are some of the best (and affordable) stoner fashion brands to keep…

7 years ago

On That Hollyweed Night : In Those Hollyweed Hills

See You Next Year In Hollyweed Somebody put the weed into Hollywood! You heard me right. At some point between…

7 years ago