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Cobra Extracts Cartridge Review: ELEV8 .5-Gram Carts

The most prominent feature of a Cobra Extracts cartridge is its intense true to strain flavor. Though the THC is average at best, the carts are durable. They sell at an affordable rate but will leave a burnt taste when the oil runs low.

Supreme Vape Cartridge Review: 1 Gram of Liquid Mystery

Review of the Supreme Vape cartridge. With good taste and a decent effect, the oil falls short due to the appearance of pesticides.

Platinum Vape Cartridge Review: True to Strain Taste, Quality THC Oil

Review of the Platinum Vape cartridge. This turned out to be a high quality oil that delivered on potency and taste.

Jetty Extracts Cartridge Review: A Potent & Golden Goodie

Review of a Jetty Extracts cartridge. As far as flavor and potency go, they easily make the grade.

Kurvana ASCND Review: Blast Off & Up To A State Of...

Kurvana ASCND cartridges are leaders in the California industry for quality and purity of concentrate. They test their own oils to the parts per trillion in the refining process to deliver a potent and savory experience. ASCND carts are sturdy but could switch to glass instead of plastic.

Honey Vape Cartridge Review: A Decent Cartridge, but the Oil Crystallized

The Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge has a fantastic and true to strain flavor. The oil was crystallized, however, and it doesn't give the best amount of puffs.

Saber Vape Pen Review – Efficiently and Discretely Satisfying

The Saber vape pen turned to be a very discreet and sleek pen that give soothing hits to it.

DaBox Review – Vivant’s Vape Pen Has Some Good Parts, Some...

The DaBox vape pen has some good parts but also a lot of flaws. With a coupon, it is still a decent deal.

Vapir Pen Review – Clean Taste, Quality Build, But Dated Atomizers

Vapir Pen Delivers On Taste But Seems Old School On Tech Vapir has released herbal vaporizers for over 10 years, and the Vapir Pen is...

Kandypens Galaxy “56 Nights” DJ Esco Edition Review –

KandyPens Galaxy DJ Esco 56 Nights: One Night is Enough Kandypens launched their first “Signature Series” collaboration with hip hop product DJ Esco with Kandypens...

This Thing Rips R2 Rig Edition Review

This Thing Rips R2 Rig Edition: It Really Does Rip, but May Leave a Headache Design & Quality This Thing Rips recently released “Rig editions,” which...

Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector

Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector Boundless Technology releases their first wax pen with the Boundless CF 710. It follows the “electric” Nectar Collector...