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Cobra Extracts Shatter Review: Great Taste and Decent Strength

The highlight of Cobra Extracts shatter, like their other concentrates, is the bold flavor. The color and consistency of the shatter show its purity, though THC levels are average. All shatters go through batch lab analysis and a solventless CO2 extraction technique.

Cobra Extracts Crumble Review: Full of Flavor, Decent Potency

Cobra Extracts crumble has a waxy consistency but great appearance. These solventless CO2 extracts aren't too high in THC but are some of the tastiest around.

Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization – Let It Grow Or...

There's a green line and the United States stands before it, wondering if they should step across. To be more precise, 41 states stand...

Sean Spicer Tells Us to Expect “More Enforcement” on Recreational Marijuana

Brace yourselves people… Sean Spicer said today that there may be increased federal enforcement on recreational marijuana. During the daily White House press briefing,...